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this one time iwas at teh aiport and a PIG shot me and it was so cool cuz I had dis gun and RATSATATATATATA !111!!!!111

:die:  :die:  :die:  :die:  :die:



What do I care, no one comes to this section anyways.

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In VC, I was driving a PCJ-600, and jumped a smaller ramp at low speed. I hit a wall, and my bike got stuck, turned about 360 degrees, and then blew up. Looked pretty damn cool, also because it happened so fast.

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you can glitch with the pcj sometimes and "bounce" off of a corner, spin about 3 or 4 times & get a bonus for that... Give it a shot, just don't go flying into the corner or you'll probably die...

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i did a jump on a PCJ600 and i reached 630 feet i was impressed with my self. so beat that you tw@t. :happy:

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