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 I'm Usul, a part-time modeler/skinner and mapper for FPS titles. I recently went out and bought Vice City for my PlayStation 2 and I poped it right in and started the carnage.

I really enjoyed the game, but an idea lingered in my head; But I couldn't get ahold of it!

 Suddenly hile I was zooming between cars with the Dirkbike, I quickly glanced over to me 2 foot poster of "Akira" the movie.

From then on, it became clear : D


If you are not fimilar with the movie Akira here is a breif review

of the movie from the main page.

The year is 2019, 31 years after Tokyo was destroyed by a top secret weapons project during World War III. Now, Neo-Tokyo has risen from the ashes to become a dark and dangerous megalopolis infested with gangs and terrorists. The government seethes with corruption and only maintains token control over the powerful military that prevents total chaos and hides the secrets of the past.

Childhood friends Tetsuo and Kaneda plunge into Neo-Tokyo's darkest secret when their motorcycle gang encounters a military operation to retrieve an escaped experimental subject. Tetsuo, captured by the military, is subjected to experiments that make him a powerful psychic, but, unfortunately for Neo-Tokyo, Tetsuo's powers rage out of control and he lashes out at the world that has oppressed him! Nothing can stop the destructive forces that Tetsuo wields except possibly the last boy to destroy Tokyo - Akira!



My idea would be to mold GTA:VC into into Akira(A Total GTA Converson).


You would take control of Kaneda roughly 2 months before the first military incident. During that time, we could play out how the "Clowns"( A gang) mess with their gangs, and seperate missions back and fourth (Hitting Clown H.Q's) and just running into trouble.


As far as vehicals go, I think the we should just scan through the movie a few times and roughly model (ANY) motercycle we can get our eyes on  :sly: As well as Vehicals. And concerning stealing cars, I think that would still be in this game. But bikes would normaly be much much faster ;)


So, This proposal goes out to the community, as I ask if anyone would be interested in starting a mod team for this project. First we would shape the models into the game , then weapons. (Into Vice City). And during that whole time, Myself and some others would be working on a completle city (Of Neo-Tokyo). When all vehicals/weapons and the city is complete, the coders step in. And wallah..


So, anyone thats interested..Lets here a holla'







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whatever i dont even know who akira ow whoever that is....is.

Your ignorance is amazing, did you read the post at all?

What made you feel the need to reply with such bullsheet?

He explained everything that needed explaining.


Akira mod, I only know about Akira from what you posted, such a mod would take alot of effort and it all sounds like a pipe dream right now, certainly none of the past TCs have ever come to anything. Good luck nevertheless. :)


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Good idea!


I've never seen the movie, but I like that cartoon style. Looking forward to the mod.  :colgate:


Just don't let it suffer the same destiny as the San Angeles mod, that has been under development in almost a year now.  :/  Will you promise me that?



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Sure, sounds great, great flick too...

Usually I would never agree with widowmaker (sorry man, your internet personality can get under my skin sometimes, but internet personalities rarely reflect your real life personality) but yes GTA TC's never really go anywhere, but it would be fun to give it a shot (especially making the clown gang!;)

I'll do some texturing if you want... almost anything will do, but i'll have to give it my own twist beacause the typical japanese style of animation doesn't usually work on models like GTA uses.



NOTE: Ash, Postal, Band-aid, Father feely, and masked man are made nearly from scratch, I left hands and some hair because it just works so good, Faye, bodygaurd and deadpool are not made from scratch. I don't have any texture examples, but I am knowladgeble of the setup and have done work on a good deal of the textures.


Oh yeah, there's a model of Kaneda's bike here

Would probably be easy to convert to work in VC after some of the serious modders figure out the code.



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here are some shots for all of you (non-akira's) to look at ..




This is some info on the main character (for the mod)..



As the leader of a biker gang in Neo-Tokyo, Kaneda maintains a tough and rebellious exterior, but he doesn't attempt to hide his passion for motorcycles, his loyalties to his friends, or his infatuation with Kei. Kaneda learns about the secret of Akira while working with Kei and an underground terrorist group to interrupt the government's experiments. He is genuinely concerned about Tetsuo, who has been his friend since they were small children in an orphanage, but soon discovers that Tetsuo has always resented Kaneda's protection...




There are many themes in Akira, but the theme most explored is power. This is shown on many levels; from the government trying to control the society gone wild, to the army trying to control a power beyond human comprehension. Also shown is the fact that absolute power, corrupts absolute. Tetsuo is the epitomy of what power in the wrong hands can do. The film points out what humanity is capable of.


I find it interesting that the film revolves around one boy, and the impact he has on everybody's lives. Everyone is seeking him for their own reasons. The people hold him in legend as their savior. The army has him, and they seek to understand his power for their own goals. Kaneda and his friends want to figure out just who Akira is, and Tetsuo wants to find the source of his power. Akira, in a way, becomes their holy grail. They all quest for it, yet the toll is too great to recieve.


The film has many interesting characters, all of which are very believable, and very human. Kaneda, the rebelious gang leader, may be the star of the film; but it is Tetsuo that is the most fascinating. He is a troubled boy, with a inferiority complex and is picked on by everybody. He never had a stable mind to begin with, and the powers he recieved pushed him over the edge. He wanted to be the man everybody looks up to, and ended up the man everybody fears.


Actually, in a film that makes it hard to cheer for a hero, I find myself siding with Tetsuo every time I watch it. You cannot help but sympathize with him. Yes, he may be the "bad guy", but his strong, determined will always impresses me. He strives to rise above his lot in life, and does so in a way no one could have imagined! In the scene right after Tetsuo and Kaori are attacked by the clown gang, he becomes violently angry, and even snaps at his friends. He then says the most omminous words in the movie. "You think I'm a loser! It's not my fault I was smaller! Well there will come a day when I'll show all of you! Don't you forget it!" How can we ever forget, upon seeing the ending to the film?!


But the characters are just half of what makes this film rememberable. The picture moves at breakneck speed, hardly ever letting up. Everyone in the film seems to be racing against time to keep a tragedy from happening, and the animation moves in such ways that we seem to be right along for the ride. This was the desired affect the film crew wanted, and they pulled it off nicely. There are also many symbolic images in the film, that also help to emphasize this film's themes. As the film progresses, we are shown a breakdown of society, with riots in the streets. The government is also shown to be breaking up, leading to the military coup. And as the story moves on we see Tetsuo slowly lose his sanity. All three emphasize the theme of chaos the film so strongly portrays.


On a final note, the film may be seen by some as just a message: that anarchy is coming. Yet that is not the true message. The film talks greatly of humanity's potential, for good and for evil. Even though the city is for the most part destroyed at the end, it shows Kaneda making peace with Tetsuo, and it seems that the survivors will strive to form a better place to live. Indeed, even though the tragedy unfolded, just like everyone feared it would, the final scene seems to emphasize redemption. Kaneda and Kay and Kai are staring around at the wreckage, when the sun shines through the clouds. The scene seems to say that the nightmare is over, and a new dawn is at hand. Will order come out of chaos? Like the last words of the film say, "Someday we will be. It has all ready begun..."





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