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Possible stupid question - custom crew colors/emblems


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I am level 200, play daily. Have played since GTA Online came out and we struggled to connect. So I am not a newb in that sense haha.


But I do have some questions about crews that I could not find online.. and it is hard to find info online that is recent as so much is changing so quickly.


1. When you click on crew editor, it gives you the # and RGB codes it seems, so why is there a convoluted way in using inspect element to change it? Am I missing something here?


2. Crew emblems: Best source to getting custom crew emblems as of now?


3. I see a thread of people asking hex colors of certain car models and such. But it seems no threads exist to exemplify custom crews showcasing the custom crew colors and emblems on the car with links to join. Wouldn't this be great to have? A sort of database on custom crew colors and emblems where anyone can join without having to go through the process of creating their crew color. Does this not already exist?


Thank you

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1. Some colors are simply not willing to be saved by Social Club. This convoluted way is to make sure that you can save the color you want.

3. This exists for some very popular colors, but having an entire crew just for one color is very impractical, considering that an account can only create up to one crew, and that you can only be in five crews at once. The solution that I use is having at least one private crew for any color you want, and a txt file to keep track of what colors you use(d).

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Thanks to both of you for being civil and answering questions I've spent about an hour searching! Many thanks!

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