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Looking back, The Introduction really offered the best GTA feeling out


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Seriously, rewatching the official The Introduction video of San Andreas (

), San Andreas really seems to have the most immersive story of all GTA titles for me.

The other games were amazing as well, especially IV, but San Andreas' "The Introduction" really nailed the feeling GTA should offer. You do immoral things, you kill people, hurt people, but you immerse with the characters and learn to love them doing these horrific things. V just made me feel I am a psychotic asshole to everybody, no matter which character I played - in San Andreas, I just feel cool. No way to describe it.

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It made everything more detailed and answered questions about the game. It's awesome.

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I still firmly hold that GTA SA story is quite underrated in the series, and The Introduction video reflects just one of the many reasons why I feel so. It attempts to piece together the moments that lead up to the events of the story. The game attempts to center the story around the actions of the player, following the "Show, but don't tell" everything approach, leaving certain things for the players to interpret.

Unlike in case of GTA IV which loves to tell a lot in the cut scenes, too much of talking, and too many things attached to one story that you never know what is going on, because they serve no real purpose, whatsoever, while the missions connected with the story are just another action sequence already played out.


SA handles the serious narrative in a much better way by combining with humour, perfect casting of characters that creates a compelling story with a lot of motivations for CJ to engage in what he's doing without feeling like a waste or no real connection to the story, while ensuring that you have fun in "playing" the game at the same time . The storyline is nicely integrated with the gameplay.

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The Introduction felt like somewhat of a holy grail to me at the time. I hadn't seen it until well after my third or fourth playthrough. By that point I was fairly familiar with the story, and it gave better insight to some of the characters I was taught to dislike. It was fascinating to see Toreno's relationship with Mike and seeing CJ in Liberty was fantastic fan service back when the city was more like a character than a setting.


You couldn't really do that now, at least not in that format. I don't think people would like it seeing as the recent games are very full-on with explanatory cutscenes. A lot of exposition is revealed as you play, and anything you need to know about a character's backstory is revealed in convenient small talk whilst driving from one place to the next.

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The Introduction is a brilliant addition to the game, and I'm glad I found it halfway during my first playthrough. It provides the depth of the character personality, a thing which the previous games lacked, and does a good job in clearing most of the confusions an average person encounters during the story.


I wish the HD era games had something similar to this too.

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The Introduction is the whole reason why Rockstar didn't release a San Andreas Stories. With this, we can also ask, how cool would a San Andreas Stories have been?

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