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Benny's: a scam?


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Well, he makes your ItaliGTB look faster while it is in fact quite a bit slower than the regular version. Also, he promised us (via Newswire) that the Sultan RS and the Banshee 900R could compete with the top supercars after he was done with them, and that was bullsh*t, too. But maybe he is just incompetent. ;)


Quite a bit slower? Not at all, you're spreading misinformation with statements like that.


Did you test both versions and compare your lap times? Depending on the track the custom version is consistently 1 to 3 seconds slower than the regular version with all performance upgrades. So much for spreading misinformation, mate.



Yes, depending on the track the lap times will vary, this is well known. That's how the downforce modifier works, more effective on tracks with large sweeping turns, less effective on tight technical tracks.

Edited by Foxwolfe
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Not a scam because it is an option. It's not mandatory.

You know what the OP is getting at. By making some cars only available as an upgrade at Benny's, it's more easily seen as acceptable for them to cost more overall than if R* simply added the upgraded version to the normal website for the overall price.

If you are told the price ahead of time it's not a scam.

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Everyone on this page (except me) loves broughy how about someone gets his lap times for vehicles like the sultan and banshee before and after Benny's

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Everyone saying it's not a scam..i think what OP is saying that cars like the comet retro, eleghy retro etc. should just be seperate cars and not basically cost an extra 100k from the base. Especially since they clearly are two different cars and R is literally making cars from 2013 "upgrade" to 80's cars and other crazy stuff like that.

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Also, considering that I've been awarded $250,000 twice, I don't really mind the paying the amount for an extra permanent ability.

I still haven't gotten any $250,000. I guess they pick and choose.

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