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Dynamic Maps - with moving parts!


Recommended Posts


Does anyone have any links to any dynamic maps?


And I don't mean maps with lots of dynamic props - I mean maps that change and move as you play then, maps with lots of moving parts.


For example here are two of mine;


In Crash Of The Titans, Titan planes fall out of the sky at the round start and crash into the desert. The map is different each time you play because the Titans fall, crash and explode slightly differently each time, generating a slightly different play area. The Titan wreckages are climbable giving multiple levels.


In Tugs Of War, 9 Tug boats are boxed in to a grid of green containers out at sea. This stops them floating away so you can climb on them, use them as cover etc. If you put the weather to raining you get very choppy seas and the Tugs roll and bounce in the waves like boats do, but they don't float away.

Even with assissted aim it's hard to lock onto another player.





CRASH OF THE TITANS (tdm) / 20 PLAYERS / http://rsg.ms/70df4be

The only thing worse than being in a plane hurtling towards the ground is being under it.

Dynamic deathmatch map that changes each time you play it.


Video where you can briefly see the dynamic start of the map @16.49








TUGS OF WAR (tdm) / 16 PLAYERS / http://rsg.ms/96f1d2f

Ready your weapons and prepare for salty seadogs and rusty tugs!

Hoist your mainsail and get ready for a rum old time on the poopdeck!

Dynamic TDM with lots of moving parts!





Edited by sleepwalk1980
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Obviously not.

Le sigh...

the creator forum is fairly dry nowadays, I'm guessing you have tried your crews as well? Just a thought but do you have a twitter account? :)

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SLeepwalk. Twitter is a great place to post jobs :p you might get some audience from there :D



One of my races got retweeted by Rockstar themselves and it went sky high :p


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Cheers guys, nah never even thought of Twitter - my crews have awesome jobs but nothing like what I'm looking for.

Might set up a twitter

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Cheers guys, nah never even thought of Twitter - my crews have awesome jobs but nothing like what I'm looking for.

Might set up a twitter

Get On It! :) Rockstar seem to use that as their main social platform and i agree with REXX it's a great place to post your jobs and get attention or recognition from other areas of the community. Good Luck!

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