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Project Opportunity: A movement for Del Perro (PETITION)


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Dear GTAForum readers, you all know who I am! Mr Heists 2.0... (BTW I still believe in the dream of Heists 2.0 but lemme get on-topic) This topic is about Del Perro and how there are not enough houses there and that opportunities are being wasted when they don't have to be.

This is something I think would be quick and easy to implement and could make a lot of people happy. Please after reading this forum send an email to Rockstar Games saying you'd like this to happen with a link to this thread and a link to the support site petition. Also if after you read if you could thumbs up the petition at the support site that would be awesome of you.


Now let me convince you!


Del Perro is a beautiful part of the map in game and it is surrounded by many important areas in-game such as an Ammu-Nation, two clothing stores, a barber shop, a convenience store, the golf club, a theatre, offices, the transit station and Del Perro Pier. Most people who live there find it convenient to be able to get to place quick and easy. And we also cannot forget about the beautiful ocean view that Del Perro has to offer. But there are a few problems that make truly waste great opportunities.


First of all the ocean view is blocked because the window that was chose to show Del Perro Heights was conveniently placed so that we could stare at another building. Also the fact that custom interiors aren't at Del Perro Heights baffles me too. And on top of that there is the Great Ocean Highway and all those houses that could be made into great elegant condos. There are not enough houses in the Vespucci/Del Perro/Chumash area and this could easily be fixed as even the areas in the Vespucci Canals have some great houses right near the canals and it would be a cool feature to have a boat that could be moored by your house to get around the canals and this could even give a Venice feel to GTA. I even think the actual houses in Del Perro could be used. These are three problems that in my opinion could be fixed with just one or two tasks.




What I and hopefully many other GTA Online players ask of you Rockstar Games is to just add customizable interiors to Del Perro Heights (And on these position the window in a different place so we can see the view of the ocean and the pier) and to make the houses along the Great Ocean Highway in Chumash purchasable with lavish and high-end decorated interiors with 10 car garages. I don't think it seems so hard. This is all I want out of Spring 2017 (as many know what I want out of 2018) and I really think it would be pretty easy to implement in the next update.


Anyone who has taken the time to read this I give my gratitude and I hope you'll send Rockstar an email and like the support thread. I know for sure we can make this happen.


TL:DR Del Perro doesn't have enough houses and needs custom interiors, send email to Rockstar linking this thread and like the support thread


Support thread link - https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000392048-Del-Perro-Apartment-issue

Edited by HeistsActivist
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Sry mate...but i barely bother a lot being in my ceo office, yacht, or any of the other places i own except for my garages.

I really think rockstar has better things to do

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you all know who I am!

If only.


While I like the idea of bringing some life to Del Perro, I don't think it'd be a desirable location to live for most players. For starter, houses in Del Perro are relatively small, and that of course should apply to their garages as well (unless they're done in similar fashion to northern LS houses in the hills) - considering how overpriced office garages are, and demand for 10 vehicle ones among car collectors, Del Perro Heights (with prices starting at 200k$) seem like a way better choice. Speaking of prices, things in GTA Online become generally more and more expensive, and you can observe this trend with properties added to the game in Executives and other criminals update. Sure, people are willing to pay premium for better view from their windows and different furniture, but as far as practicality goes, there's no difference. I personally couldn't care less about them.

Next thing, I doubt R* will allow us to own another property for quite a while, since they've ust added office garages. New houses (as and extra property to own) wouldn't attract many rich players if they didn't have big enough garages, and it they did, they could overshadow new office garages, which are extremely overpriced. On the other hand, if they were added as just new properties, without increasing the maximum limit of safe houses you can own in total, crowds would just ignore them for he most part, I can imagine.

Aside from aesthetics and just personal preference to live in this area, I don't see many practical advantages of owning a house in Del Perro. Even if R* added them (which with all fairness would be cool), I'd stick to my Del Perro Heights apartment due to its great price, huge garage and localization.

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I think you will be better off if you just play the game.


So many projects floating around right now and none of them will come to fruition.

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Del Perro is a nice place. Chumash too. And Paleto Bay. Hell, I'd take a shack next to Fort Zancudo as long as it would have ocean view.

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I'd like to own a house on the beach, sure. The only problems I see with it are: (and I'm aware these problems aren't for everyone, these are just IMO)

1. R* will make it overpriced and expensive, just for that sweet shark card money. That's bad news for me.

2. I'm always away from home, usually out trying to make a living via Sightseer and stunt races etc.

3. There'll probably be A TON of players buzzing in and out of here because of the houses being so close.


Then again, there are some pros:

1. The stunning view of the ocean, decorated with yachts, complete with a beautiful sunset.

2. Close to the water/yachts/beach/pier etc.

3. The houses along the beach are pretty cool, and I wouldn't mind owning one as a home away from home.

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Your post does not offend me, it appears that area is clearly overlooked and requires improvement. I have given you up vote on support page and good luck with your quest.

Edited by _PANiC_
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A petition because basically you just wanna live on the seafront?

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Nah just kidding lol. I took inspiration from Quinn_flower's thread anyway.


Good luck with the petition.

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Nah just kidding lol. I took inspiration from Quinn_flower's thread anyway.


Good luck with the petition.

The Del Perro Update.

Patch Notes:

- Multiple beachfront houses across Del Perro, finally making use of this space.

- The classic 3D Universe helicopter, the one...the only...the Hunter.



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A petition because basically you just wanna live on the seafront?

And so do many others of us

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I just wanna buy Humane Labs :( $50 million? Take my money!

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