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I really need help!

chronic lumbago

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chronic lumbago

Hey, I've spend HOURS working on a mission and wanted to correct some grammar mistakes with notepad. The mission worked absolutely fine before that.


I edited, saved and wanted to play but whenever I want to load a mission *just clicking on the option*, my game crashes!! When I put the mission to another folder it works fine. How can I fix this mission?

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I wouldn't recommend using notepad...Do it manually by Editing your mission in the Game

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Notepad++ works fine as long as you don't edit anything other than text. Some characters that aren't supported in game such as ''&'' can also cause a mission to crash.

Edited by AnDReJ98
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chronic lumbago

Thanks for the answers, but there's nothing I can do now. I edited it with the standard notepad and all I did was change a few letters.

What I know is: I won't ever edit DYOM files again.

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Just like Andrej said

Download: Notepad ++ : https://notepad-plus-plus.org/


When editing mission, always make a backup.

Open the mission in Notepad++, go to search and find any word used in the dialogue (I always use my protagonists name)

You will find the lines, You are free to edit the text. Touching anything else will most likely end up in a disaster.

Be aware that there are some 'inputs' (letters, whatever) like ™ that aren't can't be used in a missions. (If you cannot enter it in-game, don't enter it in the notepad, simple as that)

I myself only use it to fix some grammar issues or small things like that and I never had a mayor problem (Unlike using the DYOM feature edit text.)

Test it out, but don't forget to make that backup. Always have backups. Always.

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