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Would You Rather - GTA III Edition


Recommended Posts

Staunton Assassin
6 hours ago, Acknowledgement said:

Kill Asuka or kill 8-ball?

That's really hard to pick since both are allies. But anyways, I'd go with 8-Ball since he probably rigged that Cheetah you're tricked into entering in "Last Requests", not to mention you never see him again after "Bomb Da Base: Act II".


Anyways, hidden boxes with random stuff in them (such as cash, health, armor, weapon, bribe) spawning at randomly-chosen places around the city or LCS-style aiming system?

Edited by The Eddo
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Since I can hardly figure the way you aim in LCS I choose the hidden boxes.


Getting a chainsaw to cut the enemies in 2 at the waist level or exploding the corpses like in Half-Life?

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Staunton Assassin
3 hours ago, flgta said:

Have a mission with Maria or Asuka by your side?

Asuka and Maria are by your side in "Last Requests", but only for a short while though.


And you didn't provide a second option but whatever:


Larger variety of weapons (ala VC) or ability to gain 150% armor by passing the Vigilante side-mission?

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More weps, because you are given police bribes with the side mission and that's enough.


Having to pass 9 levels on paramedic rather than 12 or be able to talk to peds like SA?

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Staunton Assassin

The beheading Katana, because a Minigun is just- over-the-top.


Small health bonuses on every kill or the requirement of having a certain amount of cash to unlock the next island? For example, to unlock the "Last Requests" mission (which will unlock Staunton Island upon passing the mission), you must have $250.000 or more. And unlocking "A Drop in the Ocean" will require $500.000, the required amounts of money won't be taken from the player upon unlocking islands, however.

Edited by The Eddo
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I like to go to the top of things, Cedar observatory.


All trees solid and with more developed texture or metro system works in both directions?

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On 6/10/2018 at 2:54 AM, Jeansowaty said:

Mafia with AK's.


Have a mission where you kill King Courtney, or have booty calls instead?

booty calls

On 6/20/2018 at 8:45 AM, Evil empire said:

A bi-directional metro.


New fighting styles or girlfriends?


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If you collect 100 packages and use the trick of leaving the pick up point and return there's no problem with ammo.

I will get 200hp, they might not be useful with FBI or soldiers but would be still great in other situations.


Don't lose HP or drown so easily everytime you ride or leave a boat or be able to swim but only for 20 seconds?

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Don't lose HP or drown.


But what would happen if you stay in the water more than 20 seconds?


Conquering gang turfs like in San Andreas or buying companies that generate money?

Edited by Evil empire
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8 hours ago, Evil empire said:

But what would happen if you stay in the water more than 20 seconds?

Drown oc


Hunter, that would be stunning.


Buy Fort Stauton terrains and build an empire there or have an extra small island accesible by boat depicting real NY Ellis Island?



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This is a fun thread much better than choose vehicle one

OT: Killing marxist ones f*ck communists


A street food system (like burger or hotdogs stand ) or ability to customise vehicles?

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Hmmm, well vehicles are pretty simple and there's not too much variety so I say street food vendors.


Possibility of snowy weather (including low temperatures on Bedford thermometer) or traffic including some crashes?

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Since there's already a snowy weather in the Frosted winter conversion I choose the vehicles accidents.


Enterable interiors or a money-transporting job with a securicar?

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