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Would You Rather - GTA III Edition


Recommended Posts

No doubt diplomatic immunity. There's too many HP's


Assassination contracts or having the choice between killing Donald Love or Kenji Kasen in the mission 'Waka-Washira Wipeout'?

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Killing Love in Waka-Gashira Wipeout.


Being able to spare Asuka and have her help you during The Exchange or make the Yakuza find out it was you who killed Kenji, leading you to wipe them out?

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I don't see a point in wiping out the Yakuza, therefore sparing Asuka


Having a 'personal car' in every hideout (a car that constantly spawns there) or gang warfare mechanics, with Claude siding with the Hoods in SSV and the Yakuza in SI?

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More I/E Garages


Playing the storyline simultaneously as Toni and Claude (ala V), with a climax where you choose if the Leones will be erradicated or if Claude and the Yakuza will go (in a 3-way gang warfare b/e Mafia-Yakuza-Cartel) OR Helicopters?

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Enterable interiors

Enhanced melee combat or enhanced weapons?

Enhanced Melee combat. I'd love to be able to grab someone and break their necks or roundhouse kick someone.


More weapons or the ability to customise them at Ammu-Nation (scopes, mags, paints, etc.)?

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  • 1 year later...

Expansion pack with Darkel's mission.

Hard-rock/Metal radio or Jazz radio?

Edited by JoeyLeone21
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Driveable trains


Would you rather make the vigilante job pay as much as in Vice City and San Andreas or allow Claude to bet on horses races?

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As money don't have to much value in this game I will definitely say horse racetrack


Mafia wields AK's rather than Shotguns or SI hospital has a better access (the current sucks unless you go down the stairs)?

Edited by GTA_CAT
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Staunton Assassin

A mission where you kill that bomber-sending bastard:angry:.


Explanation behind what happened to Donald Love or ability to use Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher in 3rd person view?

Edited by The Eddo
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