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Most Wanted in SA


Recommended Posts



  • Executive Head: MostWantedinSA
  • Associate Head: ANIMAL545
  • Deputy Head: SP8BITFIRE
  • Head of the SMT: InERiNerwilo


Xbox One Team:

  • Head: VACANT
  • Deputy: IAmAnonymous101
  • Senior Support: Patman999
  • Support: VACANT

PlayStation 4 Team:

  • Head:JaJObama202
  • Senior Support: COLD_HUMILIATION
  • Support: IRON_NARWHAL



If you'd like to be part of Most Wanted in SA [sAMW], then here's how you can join us.

First of all, you'll need to ensure you have a Rockstar Games Social Club Account. If you haven't got one yet, then click here to sign up.
If you already have a RSGSC Account, then you can click here, to go to our Crew Page.
From there, you can then click on the "join" button on the page, to join as a member of SAMW.


  • Most Wanted in SA [sAMW], is currently an open crew, however, this can change at any time if the HLT/SMT decide to change it to a closed enrollment crew. Though we are open to XB360 & PS3, we are only actively recruiting XB1 and PS4 members. PC members are free to join, however, we have very few members on PC at this current moment in time.
  • The HLT/SMT can change the ranking structure at any time, and so the 100k and 600k RP requirements to rank up could change at any given point in time.
  • HLT/SMT roles are usually up for SAMW members to take, should they want to be part of managing the crew, however if you'd like to apply for HLT/SMT roles, you'll need to contact me personally on GTAF, Twitter, Social Club or Xbox Live.


Edited by SA's Most Wanted
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  • 2 months later...




Our Crew has undergone a revamp, with a brand new emblem & crew colour, along with the relaunch of our website since passing our 3 Year Anniversary (April 5th).

We are almost at the 700 member mark, and are still recruiting on XB1 & PS4. However, we are more focused on trying to boost our numbers on PS4, as only 17.3% of our current gen members are on PS4, in comparison to 80.3% being on XB1, with the rest being on PC. So if you're interested, feel free to join, we are still an Open Enrollment Crew!

(Members on all Current Gen Platforms are welcome, and though we still allow Last Gen players to join us, we do encourage CG players to join us more so than LG players, as we have since ceased all official events and management (including promotions), on LG Platforms - As of August 2016)

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