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Vice City PC Version


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When VC for the PC comes out, how many ppl are actually gonna pay for it? Just download it. Thank god for the internet.




nyc_talkhouse.jpg I love this show

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Support the authors by buying it. I recommend a moderator lock this topic immeditily (spelling?) as this will become a flame war in a few hours..

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Ah, I can't be bothered to download it. If I was to get it, I'd buy it for sure. I just see games which are from a shop more reliable and everything's with it; no bugs etc.


By saying you can download it, you could be referring to an illegal source... not a good idea. :bored:


Good idea, Randy. Lock it upppppp.

What's with that pic anyway?



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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