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Adding .wav files.


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Hello, I'm trying to voice some dialogues but I need to know where I can put the .wav files and properly load them in Sanny.


Any tutorial for it?

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you want to make CLEO with sounds ?

Look, pal. If you readed correctly I'm asking how I can add a .wav file into the game files so I can properly load it later into Sanny Builder, either this or adding a sound via CLEO, as soon as it works I don't mind.


03CF: load_wav 43205 as 1
03D1: play_wav 1
0949: link_wav [email protected] to_actor [email protected]
You got these three opcodes, I wouldn't mind if somebody with the enough experience explain me all this gig.
I would like to know where's that '43205' number coming from, where I can add another wav file, how does it manages itself, etc.
Edited by Still Madd
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You can add sound with that SOUND tool ?


I dont know the name i think its called SAAT or something like that.

Yes, I've checked but I can't recall if I saw some adding option.


I think I must use CLEO for this one.

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How to determine Sound ID?

look also in GTASA\data\AudioEvents.txt

sound file modification is annying, you can get big trouble



I recommand to put mp3 into cleo folder and play with cleo script

wav is also working but then you can't use these codes



03CF: load_wav 43205 as 1

03D1: play_wav 1

0949: link_wav [email protected] to_actor [email protected]

look here for a simple cleo audio example Edited by ZAZ
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i wouldn't risk replacing actual sound files, good results come with modloader, copy the banks folders into folder named same as the location they come from (if more locations are involved then put different sets into one folder inside modloader one) then replace sounds in the modloader folders, this is of course for replacing only but you can choose useless lines to replace (mp3 mono only) then look up their id and load that id with cleo script (more info @ zaz's post)

Edited by ACM-Jan
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