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Best and worst movie you watched in 2016?


Recommended Posts

It's been a week since the end of 2016. Now that we have a whole new year of upcoming movies and TV shows, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the best and worst movies that came up in 2016...



For those interested, what was your favorite and least favorite movie of 2016? Answer the damn question fool!




And, guilty as charged, I don't really have an answer myself personally. :panic: However, I did enjoy Civil war and The force Awakens (Yes, I'm aware it came out in 2015 but, to be fair, it was coming up 2016 and I only first watched it at the start of that year)

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So I didn't really see The Arrival or Rogue One or Doctor Strange.


So the best of 2016 for me is...

The Nice Guys!

I didn't expect it to be so good, but holy sh*t, it totally was and was awesome. It also featured one of the 5 good child actors in the industry.


And the worst one definitely has to be...

Suicide Squad.

Never in my life have I seen movie so irredeemably bad, that I legit had a nightmare about just watching it on repeat.

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Favorite? Yeah, that's a very hard choice indeed. "It's Rogue. Rogue One."


The best, well keep in mind I didn't get to see Arrival yet and I have great hopes for that, so I suppose it's The Hateful Eight for now (it was an early 2016 release here).


The worst... I guess it'll have to be X-Men Apocalypse. Just because it was bad and disappointing so much. Serves me right for actually liking Days of the Future Past, bah.

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Best: Hush - it was pretty short but the plot was tight and deadly and refrained from boring me by dragging on forever which is the problem with a lot of horror movies for me.


Worst: Office Christmas Party - no comment. (was going to say Suicide Squad but at least that has a couple redeemable qualities)

Edited by Skarekrow
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Best: Star Trek Beyond, and I'm not just being a fan boy, it truly was an amazing flick, by far the best of the 3 new ones.


Worst: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. It was twice as bad as the first one, even if I enjoyed seeing Beebop and Rocksteady. I've noticed that when a turtles universe has a Splinter who started out as a rat and became a giant mutant rat-man (as opposed to a human who became a freakish man-rat)it seems to be subpar.

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  • Doctor Strange,

Rogue One &


  • Batman v/s Superman,

Zoolander 2 &

Now You See Me 2.

TMNT wasn't bad really. Edited by Arrow
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Now i'll admit, the Wade Wilson parts of the story drag the pace and are the same old superhero sh*t the movie riffs... but when DEADPOOL takes over is pure zamboni kills, crude meta-stupidity and barrage of one liners, that's DEADPOOL in all his glory.


Is just awesome, one of my favorite movies ever.


Worst: Suicide Squad

The trailers didn't played fair. They had QUEEN for f*cks sakes, they really promised something that wasnt possible and overhyped the sh*t outta me.

Characters were plane, action was low budget TV styled (slow-mo doesn't make for a good choreography guys) and they tried to make everything more epic that it could be with such a sh*tty script (aforementioned slo-mo and ludicrous moments like Diablo calling the squad his "family" out of nowhere)


Uninspired as it gets, reason i'm officially out of f*cks for the DCU (Sorry Wonder Woman)



Also, f*ck Jared Leto, just f*ck the f*ck out of him to f*ckedland.

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Best: Hacksaw Ridge


Worst: Ghostbusters


I wish I watched Sully. I heard that was good, but never got around to seeing it.

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I haven't seen many movies this year TBH so my selection is limited (I missed Rogue One, it's not in theaters anymore).


Best I guess could be Suicide Squad. Not saying it's a masterpiece or anything but I enjoyed it - it tries to do something different from all the other generic superhero movies that I'm really sick of. So I really appreciate that. And the actors are truly great I think. It's one of the few recent superhero movies I'll probably rewatch at some point (Thor and X-Men First Class are the other).


But of course it's rather fresh in my memory so that helps. Maybe I forgot something good I've seen earlier this year.


Worst: Neon Demon. Damn what a bunch of pretentious mess.


And yep I'm quite aware that everyone now thinks I'm a complete idiot who can't appreciate movies :)

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Best: The Nice Guys. Like someone said already, I did not expect it to be SO good. The movie is GREAT. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Worst: Suicide Squad. I didn't thought it was that bad when I first watched it on theaters. But then I started thinking about the plot, characters etc... The most nonsense superhero movie ever. Disappointed.

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Best: Sausage Party. I've already watched it numerous times. Doesn't get old.


Worst: Masterminds. Absolute garbage.

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Best film(s)


It's hard to say I enjoy The Finest Hours, To Hell Or High Water, The Nice Guys and Don't Breath but I can kind of pick something about each of them I didn't like too. If I was to pick one, I might say The Nice Guys or Don't Breath. There's whole bunch I didn't get around to seeing either. There's also Midnight Special which I need to rewatch as a I stupidly watched it too late at night and fell asleep and I need to see Green Room and Rogue One.


EDIT: I seen Green Room the other night. Wow. Just wow.


Overall, I'm not sure 2016 will be the most memorable when it comes to cinema. TV shows have really excelled now too.


Worst film:


Independence Day by far was a terrible, terrible film. I watched that film coming down off acid and then Suicide Squad and Suicide Squad was actually as fun experience (but I don't really watch Super Hero flicks). The only thing going for Independence Day was some of the sound effects were great while tripping.

Edited by Mister Pink
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Oh, Independence day, that was a 'good' one. During the whole movie I couldn't help myself but think it's actually a parody. It actually really works well as one. Otherwise I just can't fathom how could someone make something so bad :lol:

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Best: The Big Short. Technically a 2015 movie, but hit theaters here late January 2016. Molding a very dry and technical topic into an entertaining film is no mean feat. 'Specially not whilst keeping it interesting for laymen, and those more versed in the subject matter alike. They managed it and managed it brilliantly. Solid 9/10


Worst: Criminal. With a cast like that to work with it, there's no excuse for making such a bland uninteresting film. 4/10

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Best: The Accountant, Hacksaw Ridge, Deadpool, BvS, Suicide Squad


LetDowns: Hell or High Water, War Dogs, 10 Cloverfield Lane




There's still quite a few movies I haven't seen from 2016 but I'm getting to them

Edited by gtaoplayer
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Best: Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, The Lobster, Nocturnal Animals, The VVitch, The Green Room


Worst: Independence Day: Resurgence, Suicide Squad, BVS, X Men: Apocalypse

Edited by Mr. Fartenhate
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Best: Hacksaw Ridge. I torented it and it was still awesome.


Worst: Deadpool. I haven't watched BVS or Suicide Squad, and I dont plan on watching them anytime soon. Anyway, deadpool was sh*t. It was cool the first time but watching it again feels corny. The jokes dont really stick. 5/10 movie.

Edited by Payne
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Richard Power Colt

My favorite might be the Neon Demon even though I didn't really love its f*cked up story, but the aesthetics and atmosphere in the film made for an incredible cinema experience. I also loved Zootopia and The Revenant(though this was a 2015 film for some people).


Least favorite is probably X-Men: Apocalypse which I didn't hate, but it definitely had a lot of problems.


A lot of movies came out that I haven't actually watched yet, but one I'd really like to see is the Handmaiden which was directed by the same person who did Oldboy so that should probably be pretty good.

Edited by Richard Power Colt
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Oh yes, how could I forget about The Revenant

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Worst was either Independence Day or the new Underworld. Oh and Ice Age which was terrible.


Best was definitely Noem My Skollie :) (which I heard was nominated for best foreign language oscar. Deserves the prize if you ask me). Haven't even seen Rogue One yet.

Edited by Kiffster
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