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You set a new world record!


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In stunt races I seem to get told I set a new personal best quite frequently when it's a non contact race, but today I got a message ...new world record..., then at the end of the race a big message saying you set a new world record.


Pretty sure it wasn't a real world record, although it was a respectable time, then next race on the same course I got a message that I set a new personal best, but it was a slower time than the 'world record' lap in the previous race. At the end of the race I looked at the stats and it said I was 141st in the world.


Are they resetting the records every day or something? Anyone else seen this type of thing?

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Nope u just got lucky enjoy the blond girl tattoo

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The first day of Cunning Stunts I got one of those messages. :colgate:

No record of my time on the Social Club site. :/


I already had the tattoo from a legitimate WR and a few glitched ones :dozing:

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I had the luck being one of the first people that does not crash every corner when they brought out some update somewhere just before that glitch became a thing

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I got that tatoo for some random airstrip race. Must have been a glitch or something, it wasn't a new race or anything

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I got that notification a lot when I found someone to grind race-wins with on Criminal Records, it's nothing special.

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I got mine very early on shortly after online's launch back in 2013, I placed a few records before the modders came in and started magically beating the tracks in 5 - 6 seconds and using vehicles not associated with the specified class like a person placing with a super car instead of a muscle car. Obvious modding going on there.

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My First World record was a Sea Race :lol:


I did however get a few when the Cunning Stunts updates was released. Then they were all beaten with slipstream. Then all the slipstreamed ones were beaten by twats in a few seconds. Rockstar should wipe the obvious glitched times and warn the players.

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I already had the tattoo from a legitimate WR... :dozing:


No disrespect, but anyone with a legit WR would be soooo proud of being able to say such a thing, they'd automatically tell everyone the name of the track after stating they had the world record.



Edited by Imposssible
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I got my tattoo by doing 37 laps of Wing Wang Park (or something) in compacts back in late 2013. I assume No one else had selected that exact combination of laps and vehicles back then.

Edited by Gray-Hand
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