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Racing missions are broken

Colonel _Cortez

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Colonel _Cortez

Has anyone else noticed how terribly broken all these racing missions in this game are? The AI of your opponents is way too dumb to keep up, they all drive against walls until their vehicles explode or end up in the sea. Racing with motorcycles like the bikers mission is even worse since your opponents fall of their bikes all the time and makes it for you even easier.


These racing missions are more like collecting checkpoints.

Edited by Colonel _Cortez
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Lethal Vaccine

III's Turismo Race Mission through the Pay Phone is the same. Al is retarded. VC, no different and the Al is retarded. SA? It finally gives you a run for your money and makes the 22 Races rather difficult. If you crash or mess up, you can very easily not come in 1st unlike III and VC. Then in LCS, the Races are slightly easier than SA, but still slightly harder than III and VC. VCS, once again is similar in style to LCS. Slightly easier than SA and on par with LCS, probably.


Then we get to IV. You think the Races are easy in VC? In IV, you can LAP YOUR OPPONENT every single time. TLaD and TBoGT are more of the same in terms of IV with how easy the Races are. In V, the Races are also a joke.


The only "harder" Races to be found in the entire GTA Series is either SA or CW. CW's Races are tricky mainly due to the Controls, but other than that, those aren't very hard either.


There you go, I just gave you an overview of 10 out of 15 GTA's in the Series in terms of how difficult or hard the Races are. III, VC, LCS, VCS, IV, TLaD, TBoGT, and V are cake. SA and CW are slightly difficult.


If you're looking for a challenge in terms of Racing, GTA isn't the Series for you...

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