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Help with R3 missions...


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I am on 81% and have started the vehicle missions, i am a huge cheater (soz) so i did blow up all cars to kill the criminals for vigilante.


I have done 41 taxi's and counting, but I need help with paramedics and firetrucks?


Can someone tell me where is the best place to do these, and the pizza boys aswell.



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(thiz is only my opinion)

well, the best place to do the Pizza Boy Missions

is in Vice Point(i'm not really sure if it is in this location,

it's on the first island)

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When I was doing the fire truck missions then I started on the last island, but the I had to put out a fire in the first island. That might have be a glitch though....

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The best place to do the paramedic missions are in vice point

because most people are on the beach but watch out i was

on mission 11 with 2 people to collect and i skidded and ran one over mission failed and i was very f***ed off

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I hate the damn paramedic missions, I never beat it. I get up to like 10 or 11, and FLIP or run one of them over. And i get so frustrated i can't try again for like a week. Same thing happened in GTA3... I just never did it and I really don't care heh.


It's fast at Vice Point but the fact that most are on the beach I always flip on the sand especially near that dirt track... Anyways, it's been awile since I tried paramedic, might try later... :sarcasm:  :dozing:

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well if ur gonna cheat then just use the f*cking health cheat for paramedic obviously. for the pizza boy and firetruck, i dont have any tips just do them they are not too difficult.

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The best thing to do the vigilante missions is anywhere if you have the Hunter.


The best place to do the pizza boy is at vice point, because most of the people are on the north south highway on the road in front of the beach, so it's easy to navigate.


The best place to do the Paramedic missions is definitely in Vice point. Most people are on the beach, the hospital is in a relatively open and central street. making it easier for fast times.


To flip the ambulance back up when you think you are about to tip. drive towards the side you are tipping on, it may seem like it will just tip you, but it won't you will tip back on balance


*tip: this technique works on all vehicles in this situation.


You could go with the philosophy that more time = easier. and go for ocean beach hospital. True it does give you better time bonuses. but it is on a remote side of the island, the circle you have to drive into is behind some shrubs, and ocean beach streets are pretty crowded. also most of the people are on the beach and the only way to access the beach is through the opening in the beachfront wall.

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paramedic missions = dont drive fast and take ur time          firefighter missions = i need help myself cos i aint finished em pizza missions = easy as poo but quite tedious                   taxi misssions = bbooooooooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggg   vigilante missions = tank                                             :sui: TILL I COLLAPSE

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Everyone replied pretty much what I would say.


One tip for the firetruck mission (i did it on my third try at ocean beach, but the tip is for all locations) position the burning car between a building and your truck if possible.  That way, when the people bail out and start running you can hose them into the front of a building and hopefully not have to chase them down.



Edit, I had a picture made with just alpha characters but it was lame so I removed it.



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