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Handling Mixer - Tune & mix handling.meta, the easy way!

Rbn 3d

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Handling Mixer is a tool that allows to generate handling.meta files from two different handling.meta files, performing a interpolation between values of both. Allows per-property fine tuning.

With this tool you can quickly tune any handling.meta file, without having to manually set values for every vehicle. Happy modding!





  • Select two different handling.meta files (vanilla and modded for example) and get a mixed handling.meta with full per property user control:
  • Mix value Factor => Interpotate property
  • Use A => Take value from A handling
  • Use B => Take value from B handling
  • Fixed Value.
  • Value Offset
  • Value Multiplier
  • Value custom formula (supporting math expressions) (Doc link TODO)
  • Value minimum
  • Value Maximum
Other features
  • Contextual help: As you edit value modifiers, a tooltip helps you to know what the modifier does etc. This can be configured.
  • Load/save Mix setup: As well as generate a handling.meta file, Handling Mixer can also save the mix setup you did for later usage.

Handling Mixer releases


Source code

github repo


More docs coming soon. Only tested on windows (Steam version) but should work on non steam too... Please test and post your feedback!




  • Q: I just have one handling file, don't want to mix between two, but quickly tune some properties, can this be done?
  • A: Yes, just set A and B handling to the same file, and then play with offset, multiplier, custom formula, min, max



Any feedback is welcome! Happy modding!

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Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Looks really nice!

Functions as stated and is pleasing to look at.


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