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Yee Haa!


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Great! Now start playing Gta3 again anf compair the games. When i did this I found Gta3 much better. VC is not as intresting as Liberty. Thats my opinion!  :sui:

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i was on gta vice city for months and got stuck on 92%

started new game with hidden package/rampage/hidden jump guide and completed in seven days completing it in 31hours and twelve minutes

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It took me 40 the first time through.

and 37 the second. I cant' remember the third time, but it doesn't matter.


35hours is pretty good and 31 hours is excellant IMO.


Congrats Mate

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Who cares how long it took? It's playing the game that maters! I played Vice City to play it, not just to get it overwith, and get 100%. Shame on you!  :D


Anyway, well done! I think I did it in 40 hours or something. Pretty damn fun that VC!

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