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GTA F Mobile App

GTA F App Poll   

86 members have voted

  1. 1. Want to see a GTA F app for mobile ?

    • Yes
    • No

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I actually prefer the Website version on my iPad and the Mobile version on my Mobile they both work great so there's really no real need for a mobile app

An app or a better website, I don't mind. But, I can't use emojis available on desktop version, look at the date people joined, and their signatures. Any way to do that?

You can use the emojis just simply write out the keywords


Edited by Ai®aCob®a

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BTW, this idea has been suggested many times before

Most of the time the administration reply is about the priority list ...


The best solution in my mind, is to find a group of members who are interested to spare sometime to work on making "GTA Forums mobile App" and maybe giving them a medal or an award? Maybe a new group of members with different colour as mobile app developing team?


I don't know XD


This has to be approved by the administration and voted by the members :p

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Jack Lupino

So far I am satisfied with the mobile version and I have saved the website in my browser so I don't have to type everytime in search engine.

Only hassle is that I can't selected emojies(as smilie list doesn't pop up) so I type the keywords manually.

If an app is developed hopefully it will be fixed.

Edited by Jack Lupino

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In my opinion,Why don't we add this forums into tapatalk app?


I voted "Yes" for a mobile app, but really I'd be preferably happy with Tapatalk support. I have a lot of apps on my phone already and to install yet-another-app, which is more or less a glorified forum is a difficult ask. With that said I truly understand the desire to create apps and putting your efforts into something you're passionate about. So; if you want to create an app for GTAF then by all means do it. Don't let us stop you. :miranda:


Can we get both?! :lol:

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Yeah, cuz its a bit difficult to use GTAForums on smartphones

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