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John Berger 1926-2017, voice of Albert Crisp


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In a sombre start to the year, Rockstar broke the news earlier today that we had unknowingly lost one of our own.


John Berger, a famous British art critic and writer, passed away yesterday at the grand age of 90, and Rockstar have revealed a piece of his work that had remained secret until his death. Mr Berger was the voice of GTA London 1969 and GTA London 1961 antagonist Albert Crisp, and alongside his silent brother Archie, the notorious hard knuckled brothers featured heavily amongst the criminal underground of GTA's one and only British setting and dealt out missions during the games.


It's no surprise that Rockstar would cast someone critically acclaimed in a villanous role, and it goes to show their dedication to this legacy has passed on from those early games in the talent that gets cast today. It'd be interesting to know how this role came about and why it was shrouded in secrecy all these years, but perhaps these are details that may be kept private at Mr Berger's wishes.


Some of you may not have been born when these games came out back in 1999, but it's where GTA started and it's why we're all here, so we're paying our respects.


"There's always mess to be cleaned up in this line of work, and I'm always after a decent cleaner. This ain't a nice world, bleedin' filthy if you ask me, and if you didn't ask me, I'm tellin' you. It's soddin' filthy. So you got to be tough, as well as pretty, to get by." - The Crisp Bruvers


PIju4Jo.pngRockstar Newswire Post









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I'm old enough to know about GTA for PS1 as I was born in '86. However, I've yet to play the GTA London games and I hope to get a chance to one day. R.I.P.

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R.I.P., my condolences and prayers to his family and friends. He helped make the Grand Theft Auto games the enjoyable game series that it is, and he played the Kray Twins parody brilliantly.

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What a shame to hear about that - even the best of us die in the end.


This is one of the reasons people shouldn't disregard older games because of the graphics. Voice acting and scriptwriting does not age, and some of the oldest games have absolutely amazing content.


RIP John Berger, and thanks.

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