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ESLS Police RP Clan on Xbox 360 and Xbox One!


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I am a Lieutenant in a Police Role Play clan called ESLS: Emergency Services of Los Santos. We are currently looking to recruit active members to fill the 360/One ranks! Please visit our website for further information, feel free to contact me on our forums as well, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.


We are role play clan that has regular "Patrols" where we have cops on duty and a few civilians who's job is to come up with scenarios to entertain everyone involved. We offer a couple different aspects to choose from after you put some time in and pass your training! We currently have a few divisions that you may want to get involved with such as SWAT, Detectives, Aviation, Fire/Rescue and a separate patrol squad called Highway Patrol for advanced drivers!

R*S: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/esls_of_los_santos

Forums: http://s13.zetaboards.com/ESLS


Quick break down

Patrol Unit

The main role of the Patrol Unit is to conduct traffic stops on motorists who've disobeyed traffic laws. In "CODE 3" situations, which is a call for all units to respond quickly, Patrol Officers will set up roadblocks and perimeters around the around in which is under investigation. This unit is also the first role of every recruit, you must start off in Patrol and put some time in, and once you've passed your 'Probationary' you will be open to look into joining divisions!


S.W.A.T - Special Weapons and Tactics

This is a team made up of advanced marksman from the Patrol Division, and often work along side with Detectives to defuse hostile situations peacefully. Sometimes this doesn't always work, and the SWAT team is used to Extract Hostages and neutralize potential threats using high powered weapons and strategic entry tactics.


Detective Bureau

The Detectives have a unique job while on Patrol, they are the Men and Women who set up stings on all major crimes. These crimes vary from Drug Trafficking to Arms Dealing. It is they're responsibility to gain solid Intel on their suspected crime rings, and from there set up a coordinated sting. The Detectives work closely with the Patrol Unit and S.W.A.T to ensure all suspects are apprehended and all victims are safely returned to their families.



Just a brief description of the responsibility of the civilians is to ultimately entertain the cops and create different situations to include all the divisions! Generally civilians are limited from explosives that way things aren't taken out of hand, civilians are trained on how to make fun scenarios and to keep the patrol running smoothly all around!



We also have a rank structure including 8 titles with different responsibilities to keep things running smoothly and to ensure everything is kept mature. There is a lot of potential in this clan, come check us out!


Check out the forums, and feel free to ask questions. There is an application form located on our Forums page.


Hope to talk to you soon!

Edited by snoopshady420
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