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GTA Online General Question


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I know GTA is all about the MC biker theme going on and the low rider lovers. I have always wanted to ask this. Why aren't there just as many sport bike street gangs as there are old school MC biker gangs? You would think there would be just as many urban sport biker gangs as MCs?


Just wanted to know whats the deal on that?

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f*cked if I know bro. Same reason I killed a werewolf maybe? No Benz? #nof*ckinglogic

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probably just haven't found the right crew of em yet. It's not like sports bikes don't exist in the game

Edited by BodyCounter
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North American biker culture, whether legal or illegal, traces its roots to the years immediately following the Second World War. As hundreds of thousands of GIs returned from the armed forces, some had difficulty readjusting to civilian life and took to wandering the country by road. For a young single person, a motorcycle is a cheap and exciting way to do this, and with thousands of surplus bikes on sale cheap from the demobilizing armed forces, it soon became a widespread lifestyle on the fringes of postwar society.


Over time new generations of bikes and riders joined and carried on the lifestyle but the general principles of longer, lower bikes with a more upright rider became the standard. What began as simply the way motorcycles were designed in the 1940s became the accepted aesthetic of Biker culture, to the exclusion of other motorbike designs.


Combined with the huge modern-day cowboys and outlaws profile biker lifestyle has gathered in the media over the decades and the lack of much comparable mystique attached to crotch rockets etc., you have your answer.

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I guess some past times outlive others. Glad to see people still like the idea and theme. I know there is a group of people who like fast bikes and short lives. Or ill make my own one day in gtao. Yes I do know now and thanks.

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