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New GTA Online Adversary Mode and Pegassi Motorcycle


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New Year, new Adversary Mode.


Become one with your vehicle Vehicle in this new smash-em-up Adversary Mode appropriately titled Vehicle Vendetta. It's similar to Deadline in that your team's goal is to destroy the other players on the opposing team as often as possible within the time limit, however you can choose your own gun-equipped vehicle rather than being limited to the Shotaro. There's a whole bunch of power-ups dotted around the maps that you and your team can utilise, including placing bombs, firing rockets, transforming into a Rhino Tank and flipping your opponents' steering controls.


I've played a little bit this morning and it's quite chaotic, but the power-ups make this mode very fun, and it offers double money and RP for a few weeks!


We've also been promised some more money-boosting bonuses that will start tomorrow on 3rd January. A sign of expensive things incoming?

  • Earn 25% extra profits on Vehicle Exports
  • 25% discounts on: warehouse upgrades, engine performance upgrades, body armour, ammunition and masks
  • 50% discount on: grenade launcher
  • Double money and RP on all Rockstar Stunt Races
In addition, Benny's has got a new custom in stock in the form of the Pegassi FCR 1000 motorcycle, which is moderately priced and comes with a plethora of customisable liveries.


Oh and snow is still falling, but it will be melting tomorrow for another year. Rejoice!


6ON4kBg.pngGTAForums Discussion Topic


PIju4Jo.pngRockstar Newswire Post





Snapmatic by @Foxwolfe


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You mean the snow its gonna leave tomorrow from GTA 5 Online Servers?



Take care!

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Yep, today is the last day of snow. It'll be turned off later on tonight.

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