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Trading Down Garages & Apartments


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Hello, and Happy New Year!


So, with the addition of the sixty-car Executive Garages, I find myself with more garages and apartments than I want, or need. Obviously, I need to keep one high-end apartment for Heists, and maybe keep the apartment on Laguna for the same reason, but otherwise, I'd love to get rid of the rest. Unfortunately, we can't sell real estate outright, for some reason, (#sharkcard). People have recommended trading down to two-car garages, and it's about that, that I have some questions.


First off, do you have to already have the maximum number of garages/apartments, (six, I believe), in order to trade in another? I have five at the moment.


If you trade down to a cheaper property, does the difference go into your bank account?


My main goal is to get as much money back as possible. It seems like the obvious strategy would be to trade down to the absolute cheapest available properties. But, since this is GTA, I have to ask, aside from the considerations I already mentioned, is there anything to add in terms of strategy? Any tips or tricks that'll help me get more money back? Any caveats I need to be aware of?



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You only need 1 property to trade in.

Yes if you buy a cheaper property you will get some money back.

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Trading down not an option unless certain location needed. Trade in u get only half back what u paid on the trade in.


I did trade in a 10 car garage in LS for another 6 car garage house in Paleto Bay but this was a trade up. It gives me 12 car Capy. In PB, near LSC. My biker clubhouse, Coke biz also in PB plus yacht offshore.


Most of my keeper vehicles moved to 20 car garage at exec office. Other garages then are filled w cars for "stock" to sell every game day. Ballers, Oracle, etc. in PB custom rat loaders I find sell for 10275 green one and 12975yellow one (spawn near LSC).

Edited by derek0514
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