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New Graphics card

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Hey all and Happy New Year :)


Not a good start to the new year for me. My GTX770 fried this morning. Been crashing for a few days so no great surprise but still sad to see the old workhorse finally lack breath of life.


Thinking Viking funeral. Deserving for this warrior.


The question is now what new card to buy


Rest of PC Specs are as follows (Am looking to upgrade at some point but in no rush as eveything ran perfectly)


i5 4570 3.2ghz

16 gig Vengeance RAM (1600 speed I believe)

500 GB SSD


Was running specs inc GTX770 on a EVGA 500w PSU


Got £300

Don't fancy AMD - really want to stick with Nvidia

Found a 1060 at a decent price. See link:





What is your boys & girls thinking on the 1060 (6GB). I liked the look of the 970 but that has been discontinued and new is stupid money - How does the 1060 fair in comparison?


Could afford to buy a 1070/1080 but had expensive Christmas, need to put a new oil sump on car and need to pay for car insurance in next month (always pay upfront rather than monthly)


Been a bit out of the loop for last couple of years re new parts so any help greatly appreciated

Edited by marmoo

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A 1060 is even a few percent better than the 980 so it'll be a lot better than a 970 and a massive improvement over your 770. :) Definitely go for the 6GB version. The only test I've read compared the EVGA mini, MSI Gaming X and Gigabyte G1 Gaming versions of the card and the verdict on the MSI version was that it was "exceptionally quiet" so should be a good buy. To me £235 seems like a great deal for that card.


If you've been happy with the performance of your 770 so far you'll probably be fine with a 1060, only you can decide if it'll be worth it for you to spend the extra cash on a 1070 or 1080.

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There isn't any point in searching for the GTX970, because GTX1060 6GB is without a doubt a much better option.

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That was my thinking but just wanted to make sure


MSI version purchased


Cheers guys

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Can't you get the 980Ti for about the same money as the 1060? Not sure, suppose now it's worth upgrading to Pascal either way. :^:

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The thread really didn't need bumping.

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