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Remove server kick feature or change import/export mission parameters


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Hey everyone, first post here. This is probably going to be a sensitive subject but needs to be said.

For the new import/export missions in GTA Online everyone in the server gets a mission to stop a CEO and their team from delivering cars to/from their garage. This is to add difficulty and risk to the very lucrative import/export missions which is great because it adds a level of care and fear which I find most welcome in games. High risk for high reward.

However when a player decides to take up the challenge of destroying a car for the mission to gain RP and cash they get berated by players and more often than not the majority of players will vote to kick them and they reach a majority kick. This is unbelievable, players who play the game as intended are getting kicked for doing so because players want to make money with no risk. This has happened to some of my friends and I have seen it happen to plenty of new players. It's almost happened to me before but I don't usually uptake the mission as it doesn't pay enough to be worth it and I generally like to keep to myself unless attacked.

There needs to be a change from Rockstar by either removing the vote to kick feature as it's being abused or changing the import/export missions to either encourage more support for destroying those cars or moving the mission to a private mission where a CEO and team only need to worry about AI attackers and won't be around to kick players playing the game as intended.

This isn't a discussion about whether you think people should all get along in the server or by destroying those cars makes you an arse/troll this is about abuse of the vote to kick feature and understanding the rules of the game. Regardless of how you feel about this kicking a player for blowing up an import/export car is abuse of the vote to kick feature and should not be allowed to happen.

Feel free to come up with suggestions on your own way to fix this issue. Personally I prefer the High risk, High reward that Import/Export gives and I am more for removing the vote to kick button until players learn how to use it appropriately rather than when they can't handle others playing the game properly.

TL;DR: Remove the Vote to kick button or change the import/export missions to a private server or find a way to allow more players to undertake destroying the cars with less fear of being kicked unfairly.

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I agree, the feature gets abused, a few times recently I have joined a almost empty lobby's 2 or 3 people and even before doing anything to any other players or even leaving my stilt house people will try kicking me.

Kinda annoying because in free mode I only fight if being attacked other than that I leave people to get on with there own business.

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