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2016 Albums

Recommended Posts



\*2016 Albums*/

One day left to finish this year, in this thread we'll remember all the new music we heard in 2016. You can post the albums you liked and disliked.

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American Football 2 by American Football from a few months ago is pretty good, if you like punk/indie music. I didn't even know they had gotten back together after 15 years of being on hiatus but a couple of their new songs make it worth it.


Sabbath's The End is bittersweet for me. I'm glad they got Ozzy to do another EP and all of the original guys are there (except for Bill Ward) but it's a meh album. It's a half studio/half live hybrid album but it's riddled with their new material which I can't get into. It makes you wish the live half of the album was of their older hits performed on their ongoing tour (WAR PIGS??!!)


But other than that, I can't remember if anything else I listened to in full was from 2016.

Edited by Skarekrow

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Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition.


Best album of the year for me, amazing rapping by Danny Brown on beats that no other rapper can rap on. He is the face of so-called "Alternative" hip hop. I was really surprised with this album, thought he would just make a version 2 of his last album with more mainstream EDM type beats. A lot of other albums, but can't list em all, this is my favorite.


Disclaimer: His voice is not for everybody, i understand that. At least listen to the song Tell Me What I Don't Know.



Edited by Switch

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I have seen a few really good albums being released this year, I was mainly focused on Blackstar by David Bowie and Joanne by Lady Gaga. I have listened to pretty much all David Bowie albums but nothing comes close to his album Blackstar. This album is a bit small, but definitely worth every cent. I think they should've added the latest recordings to Blackstar, they released three new songs with the release of his musical album Lazarus and I think it would've made the album seem a little bit more completed. The album reminds me just a little bit of Low. Joanne is pretty much a very different album compared to all the other work Lady Gaga has done. Not a lot of people liked the change, but I definitely did. A few of my favourites of that album is Diamond Heart, Joanne, Sinners Prayer, Grigio Girls, Million Reasons and Perfect Illusion.

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B Dawg

List of albums I loved:

Blood Red Throne - Union Of Flesh And Machine

Witchery - In His Infernal Majesty's Service

Psychedelic Witchcraft - The Vision

Duel - Fears Of The Dead

Conceived By Hate - Death & Beyond

Mississipi Gun Club - Shovelhead

Kvesta - Ibex Arrival

Whipstriker - Only Filth Will Prevail

Mountain Witch - Burning Village

The Dirty Earth - Ascendancy

Descarado - Odd


2016's been a pretty awesome year for music.

Edited by B Dawg

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"Atrocity Exhibition" by Danny Brown



"Cheetah EP" by Aphex Twin


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I liked these masterpieces (sorry for a lot of spoilers, that's the only way to upload a lot of images):


Plaid - The Digging Remedy (Genre: IDM / Label: Warp)







Asa Chang & Junray - Mahou (Genre: Experimental, J-Pop / Label: P-Vine)





Jesu & Sun Kil Moon - Jesu/Sun Kil Moon (Genre: Post metal, Folk, Ambient / Label: Caldo Verde)





The Orb - Cow Chillout World (Genre: Ambient, Dub / Label: Kompakt)





Biosphere - Departed Glories (Genre: Drone / Label: Smalltown Supersound)





Oval - Popp (Genre: Glitch / Label: Uovooo)





Neko Case, k.d.lang and Laura Veirs - Case/Lang/Veirs (Genre: Indie folk, Country / Label: Anti Records)





Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP (Genre: IDM / Label: Warp)





Benjamin Biolay - Palermo Hollywood (Genre: Chanson / Label: Maison Barclay)





Tortoise - The Catastrophist (Genre: Post rock / Label: Thrill Jockey)





Animal Collective - Painting With (Genre: Experimental, Neo-Psychedelia / Label: Domino)





Funki Porcini - Conservative Apocalypse (Genre: Trip hop, Downtempo, Nu Jazz / Label: Self-released)





Bibio - A Mineral Love (Genre: Electronic, Indie Pop / Label: Warp)





Joan as Police Woman - Let It Be You (Genre: Alternative rock / Label: Reveal Records)




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There have been some absolutely fantastic albums released this year. Really good year for music, all in all.


My top picks:


Kroh- Altars: female fronted stoner/doom band featuring Mick Kenney from Anaal Nathrak's brother and the dirtiest guitar tone ever.

Moonsorrow- Jumalten Aika: Splendid progressive blackened folk metal epic, better than anything they're released since Verisäkeet.

Desaster- Oath of an Iron Ritual: fantastic raw German blackened thrash album.

Insomnium- Winter's Gate: A single 41-minute progressive black/melodeath metal track.

Raised by Owls- The Great British Grind-Off: I never thought I'd hear a deathgrind band write a track about the Chuckle Brothers until I heard this album.

Suicidal Tendencies- World Gone Mad: Very enjoyable bass-led crossover thrash album, better than anything they've done in about a decade.

Joel Grind & Davie Allan- Split: One man black/thrash/speed band plus the king of surf rock do an instrumental split EP? Sign me up.

Xoth- Invasion of the Tentacube: Not really sure how to describe this one. But it's about Cthulhu, as a cube, invading the earth, so yes.

Witchery- In His Infernal Majesty's Service: Well, it's Witchery. Not much more to say here.

Sceptic- Nailed to Ignorance: Brilliant four-track demo from this female-fronted Polish tech-death institution,

Dälek- Asphalt for Eden: Hip-Hop for people who don't like hip-hop; crushing industrial noisescapes.


Hands down the best album of the year, though is


Vektor- Terminal Redux: A one hour ten minute sci-fi technical thrash concept album with an average song length of nearly eight minutes. This has been in solid, nearly daily rotation since May. Absolutely mind-blowing, right up there with the best albums I've ever heard. Seven months later I'm still discovering new stuff in it.

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Revolution Radio by Green Day: The music isn't terrible, just a very uninspired rehash of American Idiot and 21CB. For f*ck's sake though, they need to shift to writing their lyrics about something beyond the scope of their political agenda, it's gotten old.


Blue & Lonesome by The Rolling Stones: For a group of 70 year old men playing blues covers from a half a century ago, the music is pretty damn fantastic. Not that blues music is my thing, but it's amazing how tight The Stones still sound 50+ years later. Think there's rumors of an original studio album being released in the not so distant future.


World Gone Mad by Suicidal Tendencies: Possibly Mike Muir's final ST album, after a 35+ year long music career, but if so, a good way to go out. I prefer 13 from a few years ago slightly over this one, but with the addition of Chris Lombardo on drums, Ra Diaz on bass and Jeff Pogan on guitar and the traditional ST sound to boot, it's a great LP.


Capital Offence by Crown Court: Old school punk at its finest. Good to hear a modern punk band going back to basics. Something about their style reminds me of The Ramones.


Victorious by Wolfmother: "Generally favorable reviews" says Metacritic? Haha yeah no... it's sh*t


California by Blink-182: Replacing DeLonge with Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio sounded good on paper, but the end result was rather lackluster. They touch on their original sound from way back when but the band's seen much better days.

Edited by Skarekrow

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Top ten for 2016, it's been an interesting year:


10. Frank Ocean - Blond

I'm giving this the tenth spot because whilst I enjoyed it, the anticipation nearly overshadowed the actual release. People were hoping for a Channel Orange part two but instead they were met with very minimal, stripped back production and expressive music you had to really pay attention to at times. I'm okay with this.


9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree

I'd been itching for a new Nick Cave album for a while, but this just left me sad in the best possible way. Flush with the news of his child's death, Nick Cave polished off what was already a melancholic album that sounds all the more bitter in retrospect. Haunting but brilliant.


8. Venetian Snares - Traditional Synthesiser Music

Breakcore and gabber pioneer once again opens the floodgates of his creative output for an hour so we can bear witness to whatever his marvellous machines can do this time. Ditching the DAWs for the most part, the Snares man instead lets his walls upon walls of synthesisers and modulators do the talking, and I was listening.


7. David Bowie - Blackstar

Baffling, eerie and poignant all at once, this is the second LP on the list made more powerful by death, this time by it's own creator. Created in a manner that seemed to foreshadow Bowie's demise, this is less of an album and more of a parting gift to fans who want something to mourn him by. Beautiful, but a sobering reminder that he still had more in him.


6. Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP

A very sparse and loose effort from Aphex Twin, who shot back into relevancy a few years ago. Programmed on machinery that was notoriously difficult to use, it's also where this EP got it's name. By contrast, this music is anything but fast - be sure to listen on headphones or you'll miss intricacies that whisper past.


5. Death Grips - Bottomless Pit

An all out pummelling from everybody's favourite meme lords and hip hop anarchists. Combining what made them popular with some of the harshest, heaviest and catchy hooks in their career, this grabs you like a dog and refuses to let go for 45 minutes. If you can keep up, you'll be blabbing along by the fourth or fifth listen.


4. DJ Shadow - The Mountain Will Fall

A shock entry from me because I had no idea a new DJ Shadow album was coming until about a week before it was released. Swapping his trademark decks for more electronic means to complement the samples, this is a fizzy, organic and surprisingly dense LP that is a proud addition to his discography.


3. Swans - The Glowing Man

The last album released under the current Swans line-up, this is about as powerful a fanfare as you're ever going to see. This album is frankly nauseating in parts from just how layered and heavy it gets in paces. Only here can something so powerful seem so effortless, just don't be surprised if you're left staring at the wall long after the last note drips out.


2. The Avalanches - Wildflower

Probably the most anticipated album on the entire list, sampling took a backseat for more original compositions. They haven't completely turned their backs on what made them famous, but it took stones to omit as much as they did. What we were left with was a summer album full of life and cautious optimism that they won't disappear so quickly again this time.


1. Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression

Yeah, i know. An Iggy Pop album. The truth is, I loved this. With barely a glance cast at Iggy's embarrassing forays into French baroque pop (no, I'm not kidding) he launches into a reflective, retrospective LP that shows he still has it. Special guests Josh Homme, Dean Fertita and Matt Helders make this a dusty, catchy and refreshing listen.

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