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How do i make a decent amount of money for michael after the story?



Ok so i screwed up big time i really don't know how to work the stock market i completed all the lester assassination missions in the middle of the story but i didn't invest any money in to them anyways long story short i screwed up with michaels money and now he has 7 mil is there anyway i can fix this?

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2 answers to this question

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Cameron Star

Following a guide to use the stock market alongside assassination missions is the best way to make the most money with it. The only way you can really fix it is to go back and do them again, but if you are too far in the game you might not want to.


If you haven't played this Strangers and Freaks event already, there is the 'Tinkle Stock Tip' where you could earn a bit by investing all of your characters' money before doing it.


Besides that, the only other way I know of is by investing in a company, then targeting their rivals to increase your share value. I've tried it a bit, but didn't find it to be very effective.


There is a guide here which might be of more help to you.

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i went for easy way after i discovered i screwed up, copied xbox 360 save onto flashdrive and used xb36Hazard's save editor, then put file back, disconnected xbox and loaded game up and after buying needed stuff and saving went back to xbox home and reconnected, after this it will sync new stuff from save into account and restarting game has everything still there!

Edited by ACM-Jan

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