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I had money spawned on me and rockstar isn't helping


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Ok so this happened to me 2 days ago when i was playing a deathmatch and some guy spawned $26000 worth of modded money on me.I've tried to get rockstar to help me but all they do is send me automated messages not saying anything about removing the money.What can I do?I don't want to stop GTA entirely because Rockstar games can't get rid of modded money from my account.

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Since it's only 26k, you shouldn't worry about it. To be sure I would suggest making a screenshot of your correspondence with Rockstar in the unlikely case you do get trouble with it in the future.

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Months ago,somebody threw 5k on me.I sent a ticket,they responded in a week,and removed the cash.

Last month,while i was semi-afk in cocaine lockup,waiting for the last bit of product to complete, someone threw 280k on me.After ruined 4 premium races by modders(blocking the way with vans,titans,raining NPCs with miniguns) i said screw it and spent the cash on frivolous things.

If you get modded cash and R* doesn't do anything about it; don't put it in your bank,spend it as soon as you can.

I know some people who bought Hydras just to get rid of the modded millions,don't worry about it.

Edited by Lainathiel
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it's not your fault if somebody could drop money onto you, it's R* fault. so if you didn't do anything to get that money, you shouldn't worry about it. if you want to fight hackers, report them or report people asking for money on the chat. this will be much more efficient

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i always seem to miss out on these opportunities, if someone could drop $6.5m on me that would be great lol

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