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the Hunter missions


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well, for 100% u need to get to level 12 vigilante. brown thunder and regular cop car vigilante are interchangable, so to answer ur question, no, u just need level 12 vigilante but u do not have to use the hunter to do this. many people find it easier in the hunter tho.

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Raso Gommato

The hunter is the safest way because noone can get you if you fly safely but it's a lot more fun in the police car..it makes it a little more of a challenge!



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I remember that when I did it, I thought they had different effects on the game. I did "Brown Thunder" with ease, and then did "Vigilante" with a tank about 3 times. I then learned they were same effects.

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I to thought they were different at first. Then I reached lvl 12 in 5minutes and got 150 armour and realized.


Holy f*cking sh*t, this is easy.

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do i have to complete them ("Brown Thunder" Missions) to get 100%

It's just a little fun really..easier for you to get level 12 vig..


Deviant, you heard of Super Cop before? :p


BTW -Your sig scares me..


O, plus, you get loadsa cash by using the Hunter....



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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