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Need Help Transferring: PS3 to PS4 ok, PS4 to PC doesn't work


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Hi everyone, I decided to transfer from PS3 to PS4 to PC (which I have read is possible) all in one go tonight, so I could play on all three platforms.


I first transferred from PS3 to PS4 (using the two day PS Plus trial), and it worked flawlessly, checked everything on my primary character and everything was working fine, transfer worked flawlessly (didn't bother checking my second character, didn't want to go through the hassle of updating the secondary's appearance).


Then, I linked my social club to my steam account on which I had purchased GTA V, and did the prologue and saved. Attempted to transfer using the character transfer option in the pause menu but I get the "Unable to transfer your character" message.


I do not have a modded account, and have been a clean player since I started in 2015. I did not create another online character on PC before attempting to transfer; my steam account has no online data for GTA. I also shut off the PS4 to see if it would make a difference when attempting to transfer from PS4 to PC but it didn't change anything.


Anyone have any idea what I am missing and why I am unable to transfer from PS4 to PC even though I transferred from PS3 to PS4 fine just an hour ago? Is it perhaps because I didn't confirm the appearance of my secondary character?


By the way, the full error message I receive is: "Unable to transfer: Previous Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progress are associated with this Social CLub account but we are unable to transfer your character and progression data at this time. Please contact our Customer Support team at www.rockstargames.com/support for assistance."

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its being reported for a few weeks now that people are having issues moving from ps4/xbone to pc.


give R* a call, its faster than making a support ticket


rockstar support





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Money have to be under 340M with anything bigger than you cannot transfer at all.


Thats what worked for me when i had 2,3Bil on my acc and i was getting same message as you.


Easiest way to drown money is to keep buying X80 and keep replacing it over and over.

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Barely have any money so that's not an issue, confirmed the appearance of my secondary character but still no luck.

Edited by specv534
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By the way, is it necessary to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription to transfer your character data to PC? In other words, can I still transfer my PS4 progression to PC after my PS+ trial period has ended?

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It sounds like you're trying to transfer a modded account and as Bender. stated, over an XX amount of cash will prevent transfer


Why would you want to go from PS3 to PS4 to PC in one go if it was anything but modded?

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I have about 22 million in bank, mostly from repaying heist.


Only reason why I want to transfer is because I have spent way too much time and money into this game and I don't want to start over. I have a different group of friends across all three platforms (we all started on PS3 but some went to PS4 and others went to PC) and would like to play with them, and have already bought three copies of the game for each platform (GTA is the only game I play, or currently own for that matter). There's just something special about this game that continuously keeps drawing me in, and it's the only game that continues to hold my interest.

Edited by specv534
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