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Was Obama a good president?

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To most people, he's the first black President


Well, I mean, they're not wrong. That is factually correct.


That's up for debate, given his mother is a white woman born in Kansas, and his facial features are more akin to his mother's.

Whatever floats your boat, though. drumpf.png

Why are you even here?
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He was a great president, and he could've done so much more if the GOP didn't have the majority of seats in congress. Here's a nutshell of Obama's career.



Edited by DangerZ0neX
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I'm most impressed with the health reforms that were passed, amazing step forward for America.


But yes I think he was a fantastic President. Importantly he represented America well.

For one he didn't sound like a bumbling fool when he spoke, he was very quick witted, charming and funny, spoke very clearly and answered questions without much ambiguity and question dodging.

Even if you disagree with someone, how you come across makes a huge difference In getting people to listen to what you're saying.


I could keep listing stuff but it would take forever, here's something that looks at the positives.


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He was a good president but if you had a drone hovering over your head, he was a bad president and your opinion of him didn't matter at all.

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Dare i say it, but he was whack! Shape shiftin' mutha f*cka. Least he didnt blow up his own people.

Edited by Red XIII
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Obama will be remembered for a number of reasons. As to whether he's a good president, it largely depends on your view of his more controversial actions (for example: did his increased use of executive action pave the way for future presidents to abuse their power?). He was constantly opposed by a hostile congress, and he had the misfortune of holding the presidency in a time where politics were marked by historic polarization. I get the sense that his presidency is marked by many complicated problems. Despite his missteps, I have a great respect and admiration for the man, and I hope his brand of public figure does not walk out of Washington with him. I'll miss him as president. Here's a few long-form pieces from The Atlantic that say more--better than I could say it, anyway.



My President Was Black, by Ta-Nehisi Coates


The Obama Doctrine, by Jeffrey Goldberg

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Yes, he couldn't do everything, and the Republicans blocked him at every turn but he will be remembered 200 years from from now, I doubt Trump ever will...

I agree. He has more personality and charisma than any other US president tbh

Edited by Candy Suxxx
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As an outside observor, not from the US, I have to say I think he did. He did some good things, he did some questionable things, but overall, his intentions were pretty clear - he wanted to make life better for Americans in general, and to try to elevate those in poverty to a more comfortable and acceptable quality of life, especially through the Affordable Care Act. Though of course it has many flaws, it was an attempt to ensure people who would otherwise not be able to afford or get healthcare were able to.


How f*cking noble is that? Making sure that more people live. Preventing people from dying and suffering.


Good luck with Trump, guys. I hope it's as much fun as you all expected it to be, having an actual mad man in office.

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Worst thing is hearing idiots my age who don't know a thing or two about politics talking about how sh*t Obama was. They're just going off of the bullsh*t their parents say. I'm still surprised my city was a blue city. Really surprised.

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I'll miss him as president.

quoted for truth.


this sentiment will only grow as we move deeper into the next administration.

Obama is leaving office with pretty great approval ratings and his legacy will continue to improve with the stark contrast to the looming Trump decadency...

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Yes. He represented America with class and thoughtfulness. He couldn't get a lot done. But he truely cared about people and the environment. Our planet is crying and Obama heard it. His approval is at an all time high. Beautiful family.

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He's a nice guy, although I don't think he was a good president. Bush and Obama are the worst presidents in U.S. history, in my honest opinion. From what I've seen personally, those who live outside of America usually have a good impression of President Obama. His policies may have worked well in other countries, but I don't think they work well in the U.S. The guy tried, so I'll give him credit for that.


I was born in 1997, but I think Bill Clinton was probably one of the best presidents (excluding the obvious affairs and impeachment). Reagan also was a good president, considering that the economy surged in the 1980's with his tax cuts across the board and pro-business agenda.


I'm an Independent. I think both parties have had good and bad presidents. I don't really understand the far left, or the far right. I will say this, it'll certainly be interesting to see what happens under the new Administration.

Edited by Original Light
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He was a rollercoaster in so many ways. Not the best one but at least an intereting person.

Compared to the newcommer sweet potato president, anything can be better.

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I wouldn't say he was a bad president, he did a lot of good. TBH. I always saw him as an interim president. Kinda like that person you date right after a serious break up, you don't intend for it to be serious just something to get you through.


Personally I like how Democrates are doing the samething to Trump, that the Republicans did to Obama. I guess the idea that everything Trump said seems to be nothing more than a publicity stunt seems to go over everyone's head.


I'll just hold my judgement in reserve on Trump till he actually tries to follow through with one of outlandish goals

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Bush and Obama are the worst presidents in U.S. history, in my honest opinion.




Bush might've been the worst.

Obama was a little ineffective and perhaps even naive but his list of accomplishments is still significant. most US presidents will have wished they could have half the legacy that the Obama administration will leave behind. and he figured out how to do it in spite of the unprecedented and nearly overwhelming opposition and hatred that he had to endure as the first non-white president in our history. it's likely that he could've only been a one-term president and could've achieved much less but he remained positive and sincere and persevered.


all the racists and all the conspiracy-laden vitriol on Earth couldn't break this man.

he was the president we needed when we needed him. gonna' miss his goofy ass.



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For once, I think I can somewhat agree with Scaglietti. A lot of people seem to either forget about or aren't familiar with any US Presidents prior to Bill Clinton, if 90% of the US political discussion I see online is anything to go by. I personally think it's ludicrous to say with utmost certainty that Obama, Bush or any other President within the last few decades is the absolute worst of all time, and tend to assume that statements like that are emotion-driven based on the current political climate more than anything else.

From what limited knowledge I have about each and every one of the Presidents in the history of the United States, I'd probably have to give that honor to Woodrow Wilson.

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Bush and Obama are the worst presidents in recent U.S. history

FTFY. :^: Though I still disagree about Obama.



That's true. There have probably been worse presidents, long ago. Although, the U.S. was an entirely different place, as well as the job of the president having completely evolved with it.

Edited by Original Light
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*This thread would be better off if it was done as a pole.


No, he wasn't a good president and the reasons for this have little to do with the situation he was handed in the beginning or during his time in office. It is completely dependent on the decisions and actions he has taken and little to do with what others called the actions.


Is there fault to be laid out with evidence?


Sure, there is.


Does the blame start or end with the current or any specific administration?


No, it doesn't.


Will the evidence avoid being obfuscated and discounted out of the conversation in all likelihood because of what information we have been trained to accept as so without proper confirmation due to what we have been trained to do by others?


Yes, that is very likely indeed.


Considering, et politics is the dirtiest business on earth. You need a logical fallacy meter for both media, propaganda in every derogatory sense of the word, and anything that anyone in politics has to say to even get close to measuring the amount of visible deception.




Will this post be recognized as a careful reminder that some people will continue to use every means to control and undermine the public for the sake of their won benefit. That this has been part of the struggle of mankind, since it's origin, the only thing that has changes is the extent and methodology used to achieve this self profiting goal of the few over the many and it is the tendency toward the evil side of our natures, by way of self-entitlement over others at the cost of their inherent entitlement being sacrificed for unwarranted and only excused agenda?


I hope so yet this is often not the trend online. The trend often is to pick sides and back up predisposed opinion without consideration of evidence.



Is Obama worse than previous Presidents?


It is a long list of mistakes and poor excuses for journalism that followed the entire course of events with this President of the United States.


Too many pockets over the globe have spoken out of both sides of their mouths too many times and the issues add to the issues of previous administrations.


*Family Bloodlines are a reoccurring issue.


*Whom is whom is an issue. Whom is to profit and whom is already profiting is an issue.


*People accept logical fallacies and redefined terms instead of words as flexibly and lucratively useful to control others is a very big problem with communicating and has been used to divide and conquer the public's knowledge, logic and understanding and therefore what rhetoric they believe is still of of the major issues of history.


Will the new president fix or solve these issues?


No, although they are welcome to attempt such things or at least to get the direction started to achieve such ends if they are aware and brave enough.


Is this last thing likely to succeed?


I am highly skeptical of anyone that would make a claim that it can be solved for any period of time longer than a short interval. It has nothing to do with optimism or pessimism, belief or unbelief, truth or falsehood of and in themselves, structure or the lack there of, evidence or the lack of evidence, the number of wealthy people or the masses of poor people, the good or the evil; any of these will do for counter imperatives. It has to do with will and it's motivators and love and it's indicators and the struggle between empathy and apathy before it goes to those other factors that although they need addressed are rarely done.


People are divided and conquered quite easily and that starts when others attempt to control your beliefs instead of you deciding what you agree on then looking for the possibility to work together instead of dividing from one another to achieve the goals of others. I've seen the social experiments and their results in the classroom and it has been done many times even in academics yet it is clear and obvious in the current status quo as well.


Not all of us well agree with one another. That is a good thing. It allows us to learn from one another if we pay attention. Some will try to dominate others, that is a given of our natures yet it is not the only way to achieve things. Some will argue for the sake of arguing. Some will withdraw from conclusion and let others decide. Some will do as they are told and some will not.


I do not believe others have the inherent right to claim self-entitlement over the rights of those that are not part of their group, or even the rights of their own group for that matter.


I agree with this work very much, just have many others of world history have.



I do not ignore these works, although they need updates in some areas.




I pay attention to the works and the intent, both historically and individually of this man.




That is just the warm up for the conversation started here, after, you have the trivium method working for you.


For more on what is missing and the method for fixing it yourself regarding any perspective, check my signature out.




I have been careful to make the mistake of betrayal as few times as possible and have refrained from such behavior for more than half of my life to my own knowledge. Most of my own enemies are people that I knew well and often called friends and allies, consider this and what it means.


Seek truth and share it when it is found. Look for more than what you would like to believe at all times because it will assist you with your continued well being.



Obama is much like many of this peers in The Presidential Counsel.


Yet,, consider the current stance of President Jimmy Carter for instance.


Do I believe that there is a chance to save this contry from those that would destroy it for their own gains or because they don't understand the world they live in?


Yes, I do.


Malcolm X — 'A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.'

Edited by HolyGrenadeFrenzy
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He's an American president with a likable personality, more than I can say for his predecessors. He is still an American president and whether he was good or not is quite simple, just look at the presidents before him and you'll quickly see that he isn't that different. Although he did run the country as well as you can after the huge economic crashes 2008, that the American economy still hasn't recovered from. Considering those things, the same old American foreign policy is still there, although nothing compared to George Bush, Clinton. Oh and Obamacare was a huge success that sadly will be changed a lot, leaving millions of Americans without insurance for a long period.

Edited by Switch
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Dissenting opinion.


He's been a terrible Prez. He jacked up healthcare for the middle class. Only the poor really benefit from the "new" system. Everyone else's premiums and co-pays went up. Quality has gone down. Epic fail. He had a chance to really improve it and listen to others, instead he chose to only listen to the big goverment types. Shame, it's truly been a mess. I can't wait to see it blown up under Trump. Remember, "you can keep you doctor and plan." Yeah Right Barry. Forced to buy into it with no choice? Check. That's completely reasonable FORCING people into buying something. If they don't penalize the hell out of them - even better. I always said that if Bush 43 had done something like this, the left would've lost their mind with being forced to buy into something. It's simply anti-consumer and anti-American to force you into the Gov't health system with no choice. The lack of choice was a perfect microcosm of Obama's style. You aren't allowed to disobey dear leader. Anyhow, continuing...


Instead of working to find solutions for all Americans he has promoted social issues then he shakes his finger at people whom don't agree with him and marginalizes them. He calls them bitter clingers. He covertly supports black lives matter and their dishonest tactics.


He marginalizes anyone who doesn't not agree with him philosophically and looks down on them like just sad confused people. The things that help build this country he finds he has to apologize for.


Sorry, many of the young people here only know Obama really as President. I've lived through Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama. With Obama I've never seen a Prez look down on 45% of the country like he has and the system that built the US. He tried to take us into European Socialized System. That's part of the reason for the rise of Trump.


Obama may be a "cool" guy in an elitist wanna-be academic way but as a leader he never strayed far from his community organizer roots. By definition, that is advocating for one position and squashing all others. He governed that way. And people call Trump a Fascist. Obama used the IRS to go after groups and people he didn't like.


History won't remember him well. Messed up healthcare, more racial strife and petty childish posturing with Russia in his final days besides being the first Prez of color. That's about it.


The rise of Trump was a repudiation of economic Obamamism. Obama never gave a sh*t about people working instead wanted to redistribute money to the poor class and advance a socialized system. That's why I voted for Trump.


Glad to see him go. Terrible President. My life got worse under him. At least with modern Democrats like Clinton or Carter, they cared about seeing the country work. They understood when the country works, it prospers. Obama didn't want to see it work, he wanted to in his words "radically transform" it into a hallow shell. I'm glad he didn't get as far as he wanted. There still enough of us left to push back against it.



Edited by zoso80
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Although he did make some questionable decisions and he mainly won the election back in 2008 because he was black , he was a decent president.

Edited by Raj Brunner
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He jacked up healthcare for the middle class. Only the poor really benefit from the "new" system. Everyone else's premiums and co-pays went up...He had a chance to really improve it and listen to others

I'd question exactly how much of this should be blamed on Obama and how much is forced compromise brought in in an attempt to appease those on the right, who believe that any form of public healthcare is tantamount to Communism. Plenty of blame to go around for that sh*tshow.


Instead of working to find solutions for all Americans he has promoted social issues

Care to expand on this?


He tried to take us into European Socialized System.

You say that like having freer, fairer, happier, more prosperous and more collaborative societies is a bad thing. Why shouldn't American aspire to the "European Socialized System", as you put it?


Obama used the IRS to go after groups and people he didn't like.

*Citation needed
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Yeah f*ck that barry guy, making an effort to help the marginalized, pulling the country out of a great recession, recognizing and tackling global warming, having a cabinet of academics, preventing insurance companies from denying insurance because of a pre-existing condition, f*cking anti-American commie pinko bastard. 'Merica needs a REAL American silver-spoon-in-mouth born billionaire business man who pulled himself up by his father's gold-and-marble-lined bootstraps, a TRUE hero of the working class. MAGA.

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