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Small things you probably didn't realise

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Hello! This is a GTA SA trivia topic and you can add. Here i will type things i never knew you could do, or that they existed and found them to be pretty cool.


GTA SA it's one of my favorite games , and i want to share with you fellas some cool small misc details:


You can turn police maverick's searchlight on.


The leviathan floats!


The Rhino has the super tight turns mechanic instead of a handbrake, just like the monster does.


Another things you may not have noticed:


The Raindance is based on the same chopper the Annihilator is based on, but you may not have noticed because of the lack of miniguns.


You can get run over by police Mavericks... I was once on the redwood? three you can climb at the "ghost lake" in back o' beyond and i had very low health. I was standing on the tip of the tree and the police maverick was flying at the same level i was, he sped towards me, run me over and died.


Even though the game doesn't tell you this, at 100% completion a BMX will spawn at the LCPD station. This doesn't happen in the PS2 version.


Please share you knowledge too ! :) Also, tell me if you knew this, silly me didn't until last year and this one. :miranda:


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lil weasel

Olde Game, Been done:


Current run is:

Cool Things You Didn’t Know About San Andreas




Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Trivia, Version 4 READ ONLY

GTA San Andreas Trivia v3.0, Originally by Hex  READ ONLY

The San Andreas Trivia topic, originally by Hex READ ONLY

The San Andreas Trivia topic., CREATE A NEW TOPIC by Hexhamlad READ ONLY

Edited by lil weasel

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