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GTA III 3 on Windows 8.1


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I own a CD version of GTA III.

I use it to play on my windows XP and windows 10 machines.

But it won't start on my son's windows 8.1.

I have tried everything that the internet has to offer... nothing helps!

When I try to run it, nothing happens... I mean nothing!

It just acts as I if had not clicked anything.

I'm lost... Does anybody have any idea?

If at least I had an error message...


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Tried THIS? Also make sure you are on up to date GPU drivers, especially if it's a newly assembled PC.

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Hi, yes, I have tried SilentPatch.

Let me see if I understand how to "install" it...

I only need to copy the "asi" file to the same folder where gta3.exe is, which is c:\program files\rockstar games\gtaiii, isn't it?

Also the ddraw file and the particle.txd file.

It doesn't work :(

I have just noticed that my windows 10 computer is not running it anymore either! :/

Are these compatibility settings important even with the SilentPatch files copied to the folder?


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If you are using SilentPatch don't use compatibility mode. Also if you have any anti-virus/firewall software running - try putting the gta3.exe in the exceptions and try again to see what happens.

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Hi, I tried with no compatibility setting: didn't work.

I use Windows Defender.

Disabled it and nothing...

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Out of my desperation, I installed this WinDbg (Windows Debug tool), which I have no idea about how to be used...

Testing with calc.exe, I open it, type command "g" and it opens, giving a few messages like below.




Then, when I do the same with gta3.exe, I get a few other messages.




Does it help?


It looks like it exits execution when it tries to load uxtheme.dll.

Edited by rafaelalves
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