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SAPD:FR Online is a modification originally created by Palm Beach Games for Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas. This modification puts players in the role of a police officer (later on firefighter and medic) which allows you to interact with the non-playable characters (AI) and progress through the ranks in the meantime.

As of late 2016 Advanced Gaming has fully taken over the project into their own hands and has decided to push it even further by solving multiple bugs and adding quite an amount of new features.

More detailed information on the project's progress in hands of both Palm Beach games and Advanced Gaming:




  • Ability to progress in ranks through 6 different departments (LSPD, SFPD, LVPD, APSD, RCSD, BCSD) - each rank gives access to different things
  • Ability to interact with the NPCs that are a completely different script than the original GTA:SA's due to inability of accessing GTA:SA's source code
  • Answering callouts with multiple players, working in teamwork to complete the callsigns
  • Custom made ELS script which allows you to go through multiple light modes
  • A dispatch script which you can communicate, update your status regulary, request information about vehicles / peds you interact with, etc.
  • Ability to call for backup NPCs such as medics, fire department, tow trucks and prisoner transport
  • Ability to call for player backup which sends a backup request to other online players
  • A neat UI which shows information such as rank / unit number / department / rank / your current vehicle / your current location / speed
  • Many other features that are to discovered in game and that will be added through daily updates that the Advanced Gaming team does




Videos (thanks to Unit23OnPatrol for these):

Social Media

Facebook page

How to join?

1: Download and install the MTA:SA client.
2: Start up MTA:SA.
3: Either directly connect by using IP: mtasa:// or write in "SAPD" in the search box which should give our server as result.
4: Register your account in game and start your patrol.


There are bugs present here and there, we're updating this occassionally and resolving any bugs you guys resolve.

NPCs / AI are somewhat messy, it is not easy to add an entire NPC script into MTA:SA and make it perfect at the same time, we'll probably have to rewrite the NPC system to polish out the bugs.

In addition, a good portion of the script is being rewritten as well, we're currently working on improving the callouts by rewriting the entire system and later on adding even more callouts.

And last, but not least, I'm sorry if this is not the right section to post it, or if it's against the rules as well. Please move or delete this thread if so. Thank you.
Edited by Blast3r

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this server is very good!

singet cpt.guwienov

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