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the egg


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So you took the time to find out that was an egg, in a room, but yet you couldn't find out it was at the VCN chopper without making this redundant topic?

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Okay, the Easter Egg is in a room of a building right beside the VCN helipad (You know where that is right?). There are windows. There's a tan building with windows, there's one right at the edge of the helipad. You have to jump into it, although it looks solid, it isn't. Might take a few tries, but you'll get it, although it's not very exciting. It's a good hiding place heh. :)

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In the farthest corner from the VCN helicopter pad ramp is a building's wall with windows. Shoot the wall. Where the bullets go through is where you want to jump. If sparks fly when the bullets hit the wall, the wall is solid, and you cant jump through.



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