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Video Creator Assistance Group


Recommended Posts

Hey gang... now that I'm back on GTA (and GTAF)... I figured a dedicated thread for assistance and resources (for creative folks) wouldn't be a bad idea.


It kinda goes like this; We share ideas, resources, tips and even our time with each other. I've been working in graphic/web/video design and production for quite a few years and figured if I can hepl anyone else here, why not?


So, here goes;





1. If anyone needs a hand with graphic design elements, hit me up.

2. If anyone needs help with video editing etc... hit me up.

3. If anyone needs filming/production assistance... hit me up.


I am on Xbone.. everyone else feel free to throw yer hat in the ring as well.. if you're willing to help others.


My Tools;


Rockstar Editor

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Soundbooth

Adobe Afer Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Roxio Game Capture HD





Here's a start on some stuff I have lying around;



Free Stock Music;




Free sound effect files;




Free motion backgrounds





Free After Effects Templates



Paid After Effects templates (affordable, good for channel trailers and intros)





Free Stock Photography





Paid stock photos, videos and more;



Free stock video;





Starter Tips; Basics of Cinematography






Mutual Support;


I'd also suggest we post our YouTube channels, so that others in the group and subscribe, share and otherwise help promote those in the group that they feel are worthy. So drop those channel links so we can have a look-see!!



And there we go... it's a start.


Be sure to follow this thread, add in any resources or asistance offers you might have. If you're looking for something specific, be sure to post that we well....


Happy creating everyone!!

Edited by theGypsy
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