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Snow is falling in Los Santos!


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No, an MC cocaine run hasn't gone badly wrong, the other kind of white stuff has started falling across the map today. Release your inner Elsa and enjoy the snowy conditions until 26th December. It's forecast to return over New Years' weekend too, so don't worry if you're too busy eating to partake over the next few days.


With snow comes confirmation of the following new stuff to help us enjoy the festivities:

  • New Benny's custom - the Pfister Comet
  • New Adversary mode - Juggernaut (with double money and RP until the new year)
  • A random special t-shirt and fireworks ammo if you log on 23rd, 24th or 26th December
  • Free gifts if you log in on Christmas Day 25th December - including a bucket load of ammo
  • 50% more profits on selling special cargo on 24th and 25th December
6ON4kBg.pngGTAForums Discussion Topic


PIju4Jo.pngRockstar Newswire Post



Snapmatic by @_-Chy-_



A bit of Shakin' Stevens for good measure


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Hope everyone had a good Christmas. For those that couldn't get away from the dinner table last week, the seasonal snow has fallen once more across the map for the New Year weekend.

There's also another opportunity to get yourself a second special t-shirt (awarded at random) if you log in, and there'll be presents handed out as the world brings in 2017. So even if you really hate the snow, you can still log in and stay cosy in your apartment and get free stuff for doing so.

Happy New Year!

Snapmatic by @WHAT!?

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The Rockstar Gamer 108

Snow in Los Santos, really?

There should be Snowfalls in Liberty City rather than in Los Santos :).

Edited by DIze
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For most, the snow has stopped now in GTAO but the subject is still alive in the 2016-2017 Snow Topic.


Please join in the discussion and feel free to show your best Snow Snapmatics in the thread too :^:

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