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DLC idea: Civil DLC


Recommended Posts

3 new game modes(cop, taxi, and paramedics)


1. cop


4 sub gamemodes for cop mode: N.O.O.S.E, FIB, Army, Spy, LSPD


To start simply go to the police station(LSPD), FIB building(FIB, N.O.O.O.S.E, spy), or just behind Fort Zucado(army)


1-4 players for each gamemode


How to sign up:


To start simply go to the police station(Normal police, Army, Prision guard), FIB building(FIB, N.O.O.O.S.E, spy), and there is a yellow circle like the things to start skydiving and stuff. It then leads you to this menu and you can choose what you want(this follows about where you went e.g. to sign up for a cop you can't sign up in the FIB building). In this menu you can choose:


1. What branch you want to be(e.g. FIB)(Whatever unit you choose the game will put clothing on for you)

2. Your team(You can invite anyone that is actually playing GTA:O)


If you are army you will be transported to Fort Zucado and if you are Prision Guard you can choose several prisions to guard and will be transported. An app on your phone will download and you can open it up and it will tell you what you have to do, go off/on duty into a criminal, or choose a vehicle to be delivered to you from the garage(drifferent vehicles for each unit), weapons to be deliered etc.


So what makes each unit special? Well:


FIB/Noose(min level LSPD: 4 to unlock): Chase and catch either real world player who have a 4/5 wanted level, or if there is no one available, then chase NPCs(harder than LSPD NPCs). You can either kill or arrest them.


LSPD: Chase players with a 1-3 wanted level. If no players come up, you will have to chase NPCs who are less hared than FBI/Noose


Spy(min level FIB/Noose: 4): Just James Bond


Army(Must pass test provided by army. Examples of this might include the COD4 beggining test mission, or the last tutorial mission before the ship): Fight in wars(simmilar call of duty) where you have to defend the country or attack enemy army's base. Level for army is about 15 General cop Level.




Levels unlock you new weapons and vehicles. There is a lvl specific to the branch and level in general to all of the type of mode(e.g. cop). You must be level 10 General for each mode to run a squad




Drive an ambulance and pick up NPCs who are injured. Must be careful and don't drive to fast otherwise NPC will die. If you are a cop paramedic(General Paramedic Level 3) then you will have to do the same thing but with criminals chasing you. Cops paramedics have a much higher pay than normal paramedics. Up to 2 players on normal paramedics. Also, 2 players in ambulance for Cops paramedics, and 4 people being supporting cops, the branch depending on the mission so 6 for cops paramedics.


Taxi and a spin-off of Uber(1 person):


Taxi: For NPCs


Spin-off of Uber: For picking up real people in a vehicle of their choice. Player can get a discount off calling the player for a driver as they are not nescarilly the best drivers. The more skillful the player, the less the discount of merryweather services. You get paid by the clients as a driver. In order to drive the certain vehicle type(helicopter, car etc) You must pick-up 3 random NPCs and drive them around without them leaving or you crashing the vehicle. You must go to the location of their choice


I will post more DLC ideas soon.

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There's been better concept DLC threads for sure. Please go back to the drawing board and don't post it straight away in the online section (that's really and advice to you) you won't get the results you've expected but a lot of hate and backlash

Edited by Brick Top
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