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CEO Import/Export Profit Per Hour


Recommended Posts

  • Hostile NPC's will not spawn during an export mission if and only if there are players in the session who are not part of your organization.
    • This is useful to know if you are trying to minimize damage during export missions, especially if you play in empty lobbies like I do. To prevent the hostile NPC's from spawning, there only needs to be one player in the lobby who is not in your organization, and that player does not have to be registered as an MC President or VIP/CEO for this to hold true.
    • When the NPC's do spawn, they spawn in waves. The waves are always the same, i.e., there will be two Karin Sultans that spawn, and there will be two hostile NPC's in each one.
    • There will be four waves of hostiles if you are exporting cars that do not form a complete collection. If you are exporting a complete collection, then only two waves of hostiles will spawn (if I remember correctly).
  • The number of cars being exported determines the length of the cooldown period.
    • The cooldown starts right when an export mission is finished. An export mission is finished when either the final vehicle enters the yellow marker or gets destroyed.
    • The cooldown times are the following:
      • 20 minutes if 1 vehicle is exported
      • 30 minutes if 2 vehicles are exported
      • 40 minutes if 3 vehicles are exported
      • 50 minutes if 4 vehicles are exported
  • Profit per hour stuff:
    • Sell only Top Range vehicles. This can be achieved once you have collected 1 variant of each of the Standard and Mid Range vehicles, i.e., when your vehicle warehouse contains them all. Once your warehouse is set up correctly, every vehicle that you source will be Top Range.
    • Sell 4 vehicles at a time. If you don't have enough people to help you, then just sell as many as you can on every sale. Each additional vehicle increases the profit per hour you earn. This is simply because of how the cooldowns are set up.
    • Be ready to do another sale as soon as your cooldown is over.


Assume a player plays for 10 hours.


  • 10 hours = 600 minutes


Assume that, on average, a sale will take 5 minutes (starting with the confirmation on the computer and ending when the delivery/destruction of the final vehicle). You're getting paid once every X minutes, where X = cooldown time + 5 minutes for the sale. So, in 10 hours, you can do this many sales:


  • 600 minutes / 25 minutes/sale = 24 sales (if you're doing 1 car per sale)
  • 600 minutes / 35 minutes/sale = 17.1428 sales (if you're doing 2 cars per sale)
  • 600 minutes / 45 minutes/sale = 13.3333 sales (if you're doing 3 cars per sale)
  • 600 minutes / 55 minutes/sale = 10.9091 sales (if you're doing 4 cars per sale)


Multiplying the number of sales by the number of cars per sale, we see that in 10 hours, you can sell this many cars:


  • 24 cars (if you're doing 1 car per sale)
  • 34.2856 cars (if you're doing 2 cars per sale)
  • 39.9999 cars (if you're doing 3 cars per sale)
  • 43.6364 cars (if you're doing 4 cars per sale)


The spreadsheet below shows how much money can be made in 10-hour period. I am of course making certain assumptions since everyone will have slightly different figures (explained in Line 2 of the spreadsheet).




Let me know if anything is inaccurate or needs to be updated. I want this to be somewhat useful. Thanks.


Note: I was mistaken about when the cooldown starts. Originally I thought the cooldown started when you confirmed the sale on the computer, but thanks to Cali Meat Wagon, he showed me that it actually starts when the sale is finished. I checked in-game just to confirm. So, I updated the numbers here, and on the spreadsheet.

Edited by Nefarious.
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Are you guys able to view the spreadsheet? Because I keep getting emails from people who are requesting access.

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Cool but in 8 hours myself and 4 friends can make 5 mil from pacific standard.. over 6 in 10 hours.

This post is focusing strictly on the profitability of Import/Export work, not whether Import/Export is more or less profitable than Pacific Standard. It's obvious that Pacific Standard is the most profitable way to make money when you just farm the finale and get the elite challenge... A lot of people know that.

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