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Deck the halls... Festive Surprise 2016 Update is out

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Rockstar have jumped right into the holiday spirit and spread a little Christmas joy today by dropping the Festive Surprise update for 2016.

We've been treated to a whole wardrobe of free festive clothing, including an array of sweaters, pyjamas, outfits, hats and masks. All the Christmas clothing from previous updates return for free as well, but everything will be back in the attic for the year and unwearable after 9th January.

Santa is also bringing us a few extra gifts:

  • New custom at Benny's - the Truffade Nero
  • Super flashy all-in-one Tron-like bodysuits for $100k
  • Firework launcher ammo returns to Ammu-nation
  • Unlockable pyjamas for logging during the festive period
  • Double money and RP in Turf Wars
  • 25% discounts on selected real estate, vehicles and weapons
  • #festivesurprise2016 Snapmatic Contest

Plus the promise of even more new customs at Benny's over the next few weeks (or so) and of course a blanket of snow will miraculously be falling over San Andreas closer to the big day.

And finally, can we take a second to praise the artwork this year? That is some expertly wrapped weaponry, and most importantly, where do I get me one of those Christmas jumpers that the teddy bear is wearing? It has knitted little rifles and a R* logo, and unlike Mr Raspberry Jam, both of his eye sockets are intact. Adorable!

6ON4kBg.pngGTAForums Discussion Topic

PIju4Jo.pngRockstar Newswire Post

Snapmatic by


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