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Marty Jay Williams = William Russell Matix?

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I was reading about the 1986 Miami shootout between two bank robbers and the FBI, and I was really reading into it, like learning all about all parties involved, especially the bank robbers themselves. One of the bank robbers, William Russell Matix, was pretty interesting to me. Why? Because the more I read about him, the more similarities I see between him and Marty Jay Williams from Vice City Stories. Why? I'll tell you:


-For starters, they are both depicted as being lanky white men with thinning hair and mustaches (Marty Jay Williams and William Russell Matix)

-Both lived outside of Miami/Vice City, with Marty living in a trailer park outside the city (assuming the trailer park is mostly undeveloped land outside the city itself), while William lived outside Miami in the suburban town of Kendall.

-Marty is depicted as a white trash gang leader, while newspaper clippings and other media refer to William as a blue collar redneck.

-Marty drives a white/orange Bobcat, which is modeled after a Ford Ranger. William drove a white Ford F-Series pickup.

-Marty is shown to be abusive to Louise, even attempting to kill her at one point. William's allegedly killed his first wife and abused his second one to where she ended up leaving him.

-In D.I.V.O.R.C.E., Marty uses a stubby shotgun against Vic. During the 1986 Shootout against FBI Agents, William used a similar shotgun. Likewise, Marty's artwork depicts him with a revolver, while Matix kept a revolver in a holster during the shootout, only to be taken by his partner, Michael Platt, and used against FBI Agents.

-Both are referred to with their middle names, Jay and Russell.

-Both men have the name "William", with Marty having it as his surname while Matix has it as his given name.

-Both had infant daughters from estranged wives during the time of their deaths.


So there we go, all my reasons that Marty Jay Williams was written as either a nod or as a reference to William Russell Matix. After all, this wouldn't have been the first time Rockstar made allusions to a real life criminal in their games. Is nitpicking? Maybe, but at least it's bringing life to this part of the forums. And if you wanna read more about Matix, here's the official FBI papers on it. Maybe you can find something I missed.

Edited by universetwisters

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Femme Fatale

Not sure if serious, or mocking the kiddies at GTAWiki. But it does make sense, the chances of it being a coincidence are kinda slim.

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I was pretty serious when I wrote it. I guess Rockstar loves dead bank robbers as much as I do.

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I also remembered another thing the two had in common, they both had infant daughters at the time of their deaths.

If all that doesn't make Marty's similarities to Matix a coincidence, I don't know what is.

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