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Disappointed by the new Ocelot Penetrator?


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Hey folks,

I felt quite sobered by the new Ocelot Penetrator, GTA's take on the Jaguar XJ 220. The original is a pinnacle of automotive design, amazing car. I eagerly anticipated it's arrival on GTA Online this week.


Here's the in-game model (picture from Arthur 'Fookin' Shelby)


Something missing, isn't there? It kinda looks like a car you would find in the beta files of the game, you'd wish they'd release but know they never will. I like it in general. The overall shape is nice, the interior view is cozy, sound is good, it's also quite gorgeous to look at from the rear, but it's quality and detail as a whole are quite a letdown, at least to me.

It looks very plain and feels rushed compared to the new GTA vehicles in this update like the Tempesta, which appears more elaborated and sleek in design, like more time and thought has been invested in it's modeling. I feel like the Penetrator deserved more attention and detail regarding design elements, especially the front; it looks quite naked and feels plastic. It doesn't evoke the XJ 220's stunning glance and it's playful curves. We've seen way better from Rockstar in the past.

And more importantly, where are the animated headlights that close when the lamps are turned off? The icing on the cake that just guarantees you a go-to-car in your collection and the childish pleasure that makes you pan the camera around in lust as you passionately press 'D-pad right'. The code is already present and easy to use, cars like the Imponte Dukes already have it, furthermore, it's something that hobby modders were able to implement with ease, why should it be a challenge to an employee?


(Jaguar XJ220 Add-On/Replace by alex189, random website)

We're also missing a front badge, which could help diffusing the meagerness of the nose, and unfortunately, I have to point out the following:


(Picture by Darekl92)


What's up with the rear window? Tells me that this vehicle was probably one of the last things being finished before the update had to be released, that's quite sad, we already had model bugs with releases, but nothing as vulgar as that.


I'm as much for 90's hype as the next guy, but I never thought they were going to import their models from San Andreas now. A quite poor in-game rendition of a truly legendary car. 1st time I'm genuinely disappointed by a car model in GTA V.


Thoughts? Expecting a patch?




Edited by Spadge
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I don't mind much of the things, BUT THE BACK OF IT JUST IRRITATES ME SO BAD.


(And why has NO ONE addressed the FMJ back-lights glitch where a light is literally coming from the exhaust!?)

Edited by FIR3F1GHT
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Meh, I still like it. Plus, it was a returning car from GTA 1, just like the Mamba. Guess you might as well settle with a BMX bike.

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And btw, who puts cheetah RR rims on a 90's car? especially the penetrator, looks horrendous

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You do realize that the XJ220-S comes with "normal" headlights, right?



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I feel like that gap in the rear window isn't a bug but rather a design choice, possibly ventilation since the engine isn't separated from the cockpit


My only complaint is the rear lights looking a bit out of place.

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The original car(s) of course looks better than the GTA V rendition based on it, as with most of the vehicles in-game in my opinion, but it's still better looking than most of the stuff the resulted from a designer mashing together multiple designs to create an incongruous mess.


Personally, I actually kind of like that it's a bit lacking in details and mostly just smooth flowing curves with few edges - for perspective, I can't stand vehicles like the Zentorno that have lots of mixed-mashed lines and features with no apparent unity.

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Smooth Longsack

I never did mind about the little things...

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I don't agree. The design is flawless and so close to the actual car. You're overthinking it IMO...

Edited by N R G
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Fck no. I'm impressed by the length and the name is befitting


Beautiful car

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I like the car, you do realize that the cars are usually based on more than one car right lol


The Penetrator looks exactly like a 90s supercar, low sleek and rounded, just like the Tempesta looks like a modern supercar from today with it's sharp aggressive lines.

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It just sits in my garage, I've only taken it out once so I don't think what you pointed out bothers me that much.


Anyway, what do you expect? Many recent cars had issues in their models and even their collision hitboxes, Rockstar is getting lazy with the details of the vehicles for some weird reason.

Edited by DangerZ0neX
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I like it...could have lived with the stock spoiler being a non stock spoiler but besides that...great...finaly an older super car...and its even fast

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I think it's great. The lack of unique headlights is a disappointment and the rear window really seems like a mistake rather than intentional but it's pretty nice overall.

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It's alright on the whole. There's something about its plain, smooth curviness that I really don't like. Its best angle is from the rear but then it's got that (clearly unintentional) gap between the window and roof that would bug the hell out of me, I'm not massively fussy but it's right there to draw your eye when you drive it.


Handling and engine note are great and just as they should be. I like the 90s style and would welcome more. Overall it's on the maybe pile to revisit later and see if it's grown on me.

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This is a whole lotta love over a car that most players won't ever buy, and frankly, won't even know is in the game.

It's not that I think you're wrong or your opinion isn't valid, I just think it's a very overlooked vehicle and more players will go for explosions over class.

Just my thoughts.

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I tested it a lot in Sngle Player, but I won't buy it until they fix that crap they made on the roof of the car.

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Not at all. I love it. Did you really expect it to compete with the top end supers? The price should have told you otherwise :/

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The rear window is intentional. Not a bug.

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I guess its a like the Leaning Tower of Pisa kinda thing where some see it as a flawed beauty and some people see it as poorly built.


I love the Penetrator personally. If it looked a little fiercer at the front would be close to perfect


The name is a joke though

Edited by Weekendwarrior
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It looks good,just don't try to race with it because it has no speed.


As for design, if you want the real car, go play Forza.

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Lemoyne outlaw

i like the pentrator. it is becoming one of my favorite cars. it might not be the best car in its class but i really like its design. i dont have a problem with most of the complaints except the lack of animated headlights. they should have added those.

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Im very surprised OP used the Tempesta as a comparison as IMO that car looks even more rushed. The headlights on that are a single texture overlayed on the car model itself, theres no actual headlight model.

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Front reminds me of a Ferrari Modena.

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