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Grand Theft Auto Rebirth Series

Go to solution Solved by airplaNe72,

Which Characters Yall Want?  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Tommy Vercetti

  2. 2. Claude (GTA3)

  3. 3. Carl Johnson (CJ)

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Edit 12/30/16: This topic will now be for concept art models you can give me a cool clothing concept and i will put it on a character of your choice or i will make one myself


Dont worry Spike (my friend on steam) ill still make a HD tommy :D


With my permission and please give the link to your mod page when uploaded


I will start with whatever model gets the most Yes! votes first

Edited by Luicides
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I have made HD claude head WIP


Yes but I want to have a go at it for fun......

I was not aware that Claude was in a horrible house fire at one point in his life.



What's this.. GTA for the Wii?

....... yeah Claude was .......hard to try to make HD

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  • 2 weeks later...


I have made HD claude head WIPhttp://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/199679790011733649/8DCA63EF86468301181DAE751D5000FD4AA88045/

Yes but I want to have a go at it for fun......

I was not aware that Claude was in a horrible house fire at one point in his life.Dammit, I'm late to tell the god damn joke myself! :p


Seriously though, Luicides, I don't personally think you got a lot of skill with modelling as of yet, and Blender is not necessarly the tool you'll wanna use if you wanna mod properly, given that Blender is more of an animation tool, AFAIK.


And this idea of remaking 3D era characters have a fresh HD look has been done zillions of times in the past. Sorry to sound harsh, but why do you even care to do this overrated and overdone idea on your own if you clearly don't even have the experience and knowledge to do something proper out of it? You need a lot of time and patience and see some sense to these kinds of things, as well as learn to work with the proper softwares when it comes to such projects.


And right now your Claude seems like he's been through some terrifying sh*t. I highly suggest you remake him and properly.

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Ok this was kinda rushed anyways but another question is there a way to get 3dsmax free?

like not a demo

idc if its a torrrent as long as it seems legit but i wanna try learning to rig the models i make for gta vc or sa

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I don't support piracy in this forum, but if you wanna get a free version, go for it, as long you don't share anything about it in any posts or whatever. Hell, I got mine for free as well. There's always a way, you just have to find it out by yourself.


Either that or:


We can't facilitate piracy here but you can legally get student versions of 3ds Max.

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I tried getting student edition and i cant make an account

but i am working on a model that i really want to rig for gta vc

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