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Master Challange - GTA Vice City

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So as I love GTA VC it made my childhood.

I never seen a challange in it , completed it many times but now I have one.



-No Mods

-No Cheats

-Dont Use Fireproof... Vechicles except when its in the part of the challange

-100% Completion isnt required but you can use it


1.Start at the Vercetti Estate, get in the Admiral, if its not there get the one close to your Neighbrough (Rampage Location)

2. Peform Drive-bys on Gang Members until you get 3 stars

3.Steal a Police Cheetath and drive it to the dock (where the deal was on the start of the game)

4. Dump the car into the water

5. Get 4 stars and get the Pony that is close to the big ship

6. Drive it to the Sunshine Autos

7. Get a vechicle and drive it to the Marina

8.Get a boat and drive around the first island and stop at the film studios

9. Get 5 Stars and get the packer

10.Drive it through Downtown then go to starfish island with it and go to Kens Office

11.Steal the car in front of Kens office Building

12. Drive to The Malibu and get the Bank Job outfit

13. Collect all Asset Cash

14. Get a PCJ and complete the "G-Spotlight" course from the office till the end

15. Get a boat and while on it get 6 stars

16. When you get the 6 stars go throught the "Canal" (by canal I mean the river thingy you need to drive through on Diazs last mission)

17. Get out on a dock but not on the Marina, Prawn Island, Vercetti Marina or The Vercetti Estate but the wooden ones spread around Vice City

18.Loose the stars via Bribes


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Tried doing this, got half way.

Feels bad man

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I did it in 5 tries today after you pass the 1st boat part then everything is easy also here is one tup if you have problems with it use the "Non Boat Person Exploit" which is exiting out of drive mode for some time because the Predators wont shoot you anymore also you can get a slow ship from the marina and get one from the Boatyard

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Has anybody did it, except me?

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One month bump lol


I will try to accomplish this. I'll see how it goes

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