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GTA Online: The "20 Years of GTA" Update


Recommended Posts


In celebration of 20 years of Grand Theft Auto (the original game released October 1997), in October 2017 Rockstar will release a FREE update for players to enjoy.


This update will feature content that hearkens back to previous titles in the series, including clothing, vehicles, jobs/activities and even game modes. Clothing and Vehicles will be FREE to obtain, however will require the prerequisite of a mission or job completion to unlock them.



Übermacht Sentinel Mafia - The mid-90's version of the Übermacht Sentinel was especially popular with Mafioso types due to its good looks, strong performance, and ample trunk space. Typically upgraded with bullet resistant armor in the doors and impact-resistant glass, these cars made excellent conveyance for less-than-legal shenanigans.


DeClasse Lobo and Lobo Custom - The Lobo is a late 70's land yacht desired by gangs across the country for its stylish excesses. The Lobo can be had in two versions - the stock, boring original, or the upgraded low-rider version.


Albany Cavalcade FXT Cartel Cruiser - Pricier than a normal SUV but built with the same low-cost materials, the FXT gives you even less value for your dollar because Albany cut the back section of the roof off. So it's basically a pick-up truck, even though it started life as an SUV. Weird. Highly preferred vehicle of Cartels in the early 2000's.


Declasse Stallion Diablo - When your gang wants to make an impression, you take a cherished classic car and make it angry by stuffing in a powerful supercharged motor and painting flames on the sides. Not necessarily ideal for covert affairs, but your enemies will certainly feel the ground shake as you approach, so the intimidation factor is certainly there. The Stallion Diablo is a hard top version of the original Stallion with a big ass supercharged engine, wide rear tires, dual exhaust, and an optional flame paint job.


Mammoth Patriot Classic - Although the homogenized Mammoth Patriot you see on the streets everywhere from Liberty City to Los Santos may look tough, it doesn't hold a candle to its predecessor - the Mammoth Patriot Classic. Larger, tougher, better off-road capability and far more intimidating, this is the truck/suv thing you want if you're trying to live out a Military fantasy.


Declasse Deluxo - The 80's was a period of fever dreams being made into reality, and no car embodies this more than the Declasse Deluxo. Made with an entirely Stainless Steel body and a severely underpowered engine, its good looks make up for its short comings in all other aspects - which is the same that can be said for many people.


Grotti Cheetah Classic - On the other end of the spectrum of 80's fever dreams, there were some major wins, such as the Grotti Cheetah. Italian good looks with the muscle to back it up, this car was iconic among Columbian drug lords and coke addicts alike.


Toyz Van - That's an interesting logo on the side of that van...




Liberty City Muscle - Claude Speed's iconic leather jacket and green cargo pants.

Vice City Dreams - Tommy Vercetti's classic Hawaiian shirt outfit.

San Andreas' Prodigal Son - CJ's default wife beater outfit.

IV - Niko Bellic's default coat and track suit outfit.


Free Roam Activities/Events


Taxi Loco - Steal a Taxi and try to deliver as many passengers to their destinations as possible within the time limit. The player with the most passengers delivered wins. Friendly Fire is disabled, players participating cannot be harmed but non-participants. You must stay in your cab, you cannot change vehicles.


Volunteer Fire Fighting - In this mode, there will be a number of fires set around the area. Get in a firetruck and race to put out as many fires as you can within the time limit. The player with the most extinguished fires is the winner. Friendly Fire is disabled, players participating cannot be harmed but non-participants.


Vigilante Mode - Acquire a police car and activate the computer to be given a target. You must chase down and apprehend this target before they escape. A tazer will be temporarily added to your inventory (ineffective on other players). You may take down the suspects non-lethally for a cash bonus, or kill them for a smaller reward. Other players may interfere, however, so be warned. If another player has a wanted level while you have Vigilante Mode activated, they will be highlighted on your Mini-Map - kill them for a bonus cash reward.


Bombs Away! - Congratulations! You found a Toyz van parked inconspicuously somewhere on the map! Hop in and gain control of explosive RC vehicles, including RC cars, planes, and helicopters. Use these RC vehicles to wreak havoc on other players around the area until the time runs out, or until they pinpoint your location and take you down.








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