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Digital Audio Out


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Hey dudes I'm completely lost with this digital audio out thing, just got a brand new tv and it's foreign to me. I wanted to connect my wireless headphones, an aux cord setup, but the general idea I got online was that I needed an adapter could anyone confirm?


Also my tv instructions are very brief so I've no clue what these lone cables do. Any help would be really appreciated


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It'd probably help if you told us what TV you actually bought.


Also, your avatar is absolutely horrifying.

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Much appreciated ;) My rig's a 40 inch UHD Samsung Series 6.

Pretty blown away that it doesn't include something as elementary as a headphone jack

Edited by buzbegone
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Just plug the headphones in and it should work. In the event it doesn't work you will mosk likely need an external amplifier. In both cases you may need to set the sound output in your TV settings to 'external' or something along those lines.


Consider your manual for reference

Edited by  dice
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Fozzy Fozborne

The specs and manual for your TV list those cables as being used for input, not output.


On the Red, White, and Green/Yellow cable that is used for
A) Composite Video In (Red, Yellow, White: think PS2 inputs), yellow for video, white for left, red for right audio.


B) the Green on a Component video where The Green input is used for the green on component, blue -> blue, red on blue/red cable for red video input and white/red on the other cable for left/right audio, respectively.


Your TV lists its audio outputs as HDMI ARC (returns audio from sources plugged in to TV to a receiver or similar) and an Optical/SPDIF/Toslink connector for digital output.

There are no analog outputs explicitly listed for your TV

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Thanks for the helpful responses, lads! Decided I'll need a digital-->analog audio converter for headphones.

Oh well, guess I gotta keep the porn down

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