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Import/Export Issues


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So I've been playing around with the new update and it's pretty freaking awesome, love it so far!


I've got a couple questions though - if anyone can help answer them please let me know!


1. On some of the cars, specifically when finding the Entity XF and the T20, SecuroServ sends you a text with a picture of a location with something really general like grass or a road barrier in the background. Are we supposed to know the map like the back of our hand? Why doesn't the car's location show up on the map? It only happens for these two cars for me.


2. When I have myself and one associate in my organization and I want to go source a vehicle, why does it never show up on the map? Same problem as in question 1, but this always happens when I have myself and one associate, like I can't find any car on the map.


For instance, the assistant lady called and said I needed to grab a Lancia with a Cargobob, so I flew myself and my associate to the cargo bob and took off, but the game kept saying "Get in the Cargobob" and never gave us the location of the car?


Also on locating the Tyrus, I found the car and it was relatively easy to find, but when I was driving the car back to my warehouse, the car literally just disappeared and I went flying...???? Game said "Deliver the Tyrus to the warehouse" but the car was completely gone when I went back to look for it (I was in a solo lobby at this time, so no one could've stolen it)



Does this only happen to me or does it happen to anyone else?


The only way I've figured out to solve the problems above is to find a new session and try again. I've had to keep constantly finding new sessions after acquiring 2 or 3 cars and it's kind of annoying, especially if I've had decent associates


Please let me know if you guys know anything about this, could just be glitches in the update that might be fixed soon, idk?


Thanks for your help!



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