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GTA Online Import/Export Update Has Released

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The highly anticipated Import/Export update has officially released!

It actually dropped very early this morning, much to the surprise of some, and wasn't without it's teething issues as many faced server connection problems as soon as they tried to play. However it's been far from a disappointing day!

Import/Export is quite a meaty update. It essentially expands CEO Organizations by adding cars as a special cargo to deal in and sell on for profits. The upgrades you'll need to purchase to begin the grand theft auto arm of your business are quite pricey, so low level players or those with empty wallets may struggle to get off the ground a bit at first. Nothing like a few days grinding can't help though (or a Shark Card if you're into that)!

Rockstar took their sweet time in updating the Newswire, but still treated us to a little trailer to show us just what you can do in the Import/Export update, and we can now confirm some of the following details of what's available:

  • Steal and Export missions - CEOs and their Organizations steal target vehicles in a multitude of ways
  • Special Vehicles - 8 new crazy vehicles with so called supermods attached, including rocket launchers, mounted guns and cars that can drive on water
  • Vehicle warehouses - customise your interior and store up to 40 of your stolen cars before selling them on, as well as an underground level especially to store all of the new Special Vehicles
  • Executive garages - add and customise garages to your CEO office over several floors giving a total of 60 car spaces, as well as your own personal auto shop
  • Special Vehicle work and VIP work - additional missions that can be completed once you own a Special Vehicle
  • New customs at Benny's - the Diablous and the Elegy
  • New vehicles at Legendary Motorsport - the Penetrator and the Tempesta
  • New adversory mode - Turf Wars
  • 340+ new items of clothing
  • 12 new tattoos
  • You can now change your Appearance for $100k
  • Plus a bundle of minor changes and bug fixes which can be viewed completely in the official patch notes

6ON4kBg.pngGTAForums Discussion Topic

PIju4Jo.pngRockstar Newswire Post

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